Cloud Connector

DXP Open Edition has feature, called the Cloud Connector for secure communication. For more specific details of the feature, please consult the Open Edition documentation.

Cloud Connector on DXP Cloud

To use the Cloud Connector feature in the Open Edition, one can use Azure Relay Hybrid Connections.

For convience, we offer via DXP Cloud an easy way to provision and consume Azure Relay Hybrid Connections.

When to provision Azure Relay Hybrid Connections via DXP Cloud?
  • You don’t use Microsoft Azure.

  • You don’t have the Azure related skills for managing Azure Relay Namespaces and Hybrid Connections.

  • You are already a paying customer of DXP Cloud and prefer to have the billing to come through Neptune Software.

  • An easy, convienent, web GUI.

  • You are ok with an out-of-the-box, default configuration.

When NOT to provision Azure Relay Hybrid Connections via DXP Cloud?
  • You are already a customer of Microsoft Azure and have the right knowledge/skills to set up an Azure Relay Namespace and Hybrid Connection.

  • You have specific requirements for the configuration and set-up.


When you enable the Cloud Connector feature via the Customer Portal, DXP Cloud provisions a dedicated, Azure Relay Namespace for your Customer Account. This Azure Relay Namespace is isolated from other customer’s Accounts and their Azure Relay namespace.

For this given Azure Relay Namespace, you can create one or more Hybrid Connections. Each Hybrid Connection will have the Namespace, Hybrid Connection Name, Shared Access Policy Name and Shared Access Policy Key attributed that you need to configure your DXP Cloud Connection.

Managing Cloud Connector

  1. All operations are available through Neptune’s Customer Portal.

  2. In this portal, go to the "DXP Cloud" tile, and then the "DXP Cloud Connectivity Services" tile.

  3. Click the "Cloud Connector" tab.

Enable Cloud Connector

  1. Go to the "Cloud Connector" tab.

  2. If the "Cloud Connector" wasn’t used before, you should see a button "Enable Cloud Connector".

  3. Click "Enable Cloud Connector" (At this point we provision an Azure Relay Namespace for your Customer account).

  4. This process can take a few minutes to complete.

INFO: Enabling the Cloud connector will generate no costs.

Add a Connection

  1. Click the "Add Connection" button.

  2. Provide a unique name for your connection.

  3. Click "create" (This will provision a new Azure Relay Hybrid Connection in the background).

INFO: A connection without listeners will generate no costs.

Consult the configuration of a Connection

  1. Click the little "gear" icon on the right of your connection.

  2. A modal window will show all the required settings that you need to configure the Cloud Connector feature in your DXP Open Edition.

Pricing Model

  • For Azure Relay we charge a premium of 20% on top of the original Azure Relay pricing.

  • We provsion our Azure Relay namespaces and hybric connections in the "North Europe" (Ireland) region.

  • Find here the original Azure Relay Pricing.

    • See section "Hybrid connections and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) relays"