Technical Contacts

DXP Cloud allows you to define Technical Contacts. A Technical Contact allows you to define one or more contacts that are contacted when important changes happen to our DXP Cloud platform. This can range from planned maintenance to changing static IP addresses.

At this point we only support Technical Contacts of type Email. If you want to subscribe to important updates and announcements, define one or more technical contacts. Neptune will use these contacts in case of urgent, targetted contacting that might only apply to you (e.g. issues with an instance of yours).

How To

  • Go to the Customer Portal

  • Open the Account tile ("Manage your Account and Assign People to it").

  • Click on your account in the.

  • Click the DXP Cloud tab.

  • Under Technical Contacts you can add/update/remove contacts.

  • Make sure to click SAVE once you are done with your changes.