User and Account

In User and Account Tile Group you can access your account details, sales order, quotations and contracts.


Using the account administration application in the Neptune DXP Portal you can assign users to your account. Neptune DXP Portal users that are assigned to an account can use additional features of the Neptune DXP Portal like the Neptune Mobile Build Service and Neptune DXP Cloud.

account app

Account Overview

The account overview provides a list of all accounts for which you have admin rights. The initial account setup will be done by Neptune Software.

Account List

Select on an entry in the list to go to the detail view for this account.

Account Detail - General Data

This view shows a few general properties of your account.

Account Detail - Users

This view shows all users assigned to your account. You can assign new users to and remove existing users from your account here.

Account Users

To assign a new user to your account:

  1. Select Create.

  2. Select the user role Guest or Admin.

  3. Enter the username, i.e. the email adress which has been used for registration.

  4. Select Save.

The Guest role provides access to most features of the Neptune DXP Portal, including Neptune Mobile Build Services and the Neptune App Builder.

The Admin role provides the following additional features

  • Administrate your account, including user assignments

  • View sales order, quotations, contracts and invoices for your account

  • Create Neptune DXP Cloud environments

If the user doesn’t exist in the Neptune DXP Portal yet, you can send an invitation email by selecting the envelope in the list entry to the right.

To remove the user from the account, select the cross in the list entry to the right

Account Detail - Contacts

In this view you can maintain technical contacts - name and email address - to be used in Neptune DXP Cloud.

Sales Orders, Quotations, Contract and Invoices

Sales Orders

In Sales Orders, you can view the list of documents only for your account by viewing all your sales order


In Quotations, you are able to view in detail all of your existing quotations under your account. For viewing each document in detail or downloading the quotation, you can select to open your document in PDF form


In Contract, you can view all existing contracts. For each contract, you can track the items included in the contract, all relative attachments and a history of all your documents (invoices, orders, quotations)


In Invoices, you can access all invoices related to your account