Connectivity Services

The Neptune DXP Cloud Connector enables secure communication between two Neptune DXP installations, whether they are both in Neptune DXP Cloud or a combination of Neptune DXP Cloud and on-premises installations. The Cloud Connector utilizes Microsoft Azure’s 'Relay' service to facilitate this connection.

If desired, you have the option to provision and manage your own Microsoft Azure Relay within your own Microsoft Azure Subscription to use the Cloud Connector. Neptune DXP Cloud’s Connectivity Service simplifies the setup and billing of Microsoft Azure Relay for you as a customer.

Overview picture of the architecture

cloud connector overview

Connectivity Services - Manage Neptune DXP Cloud connectivity services

In the Portal you can manage all Cloud connections for each account that you own. You can always enable this service for any account and selecting Enable does not incur any costs. Costs only apply once there are 'active' listeners for a specific Microsoft Azure Relay connection.

Once enabling this service, the next step is to set up the connection in your Neptune DXP instance. Read the introduction guide for more information.