Tile Style

This page provides insight about the tile size and layout mechanism implemented in the Neptune launchpad. Tiles are organized within Tilegroups using a CSS grid system, offering a flexible and responsive display. The grid consists of cells with a minimum height of 32px and a width that adjusts based on the screen size.

Responsive Grid Layout

The tile layout is based on a responsive CSS grid, adapting to various screen sizes. The number of cells in the grid dynamically adjusts, ranging from 4 cells for small mobile screens to up to 64 cells for large desktop screens.

Default Tile Size

By default, a tile occupies a width of 4 grid cells and a height of 4 grid cells. This standard size allows sufficient space to accommodate all essential information typically included within a tile.

Creative Tile Possibilities

The tile system supports diverse creative options, allowing developers to design tiles ranging from a compact 1x1 tile with a single icon or image to large tiles encompassing entire applications or integration cards containing extensive information, charts, and graphs.