Add Recently Used Artifact

It’s possible to add recently used artifacts to the Neptune Launchpad. It can be a sales document, an employee or any artifact you can think of. In your application, you call a launchpad function to add the recently used artifact. This artifact will then be displayed in a list in the global search and in the recently used widget that can be placed in launchpad sections.

In your application, add the "AddRecentlyUsed" code snippet.

sap edition snippet

This will give you a description of the function and an example of its usage:


In this example, the recently used artifact will be added when the end user clicks on an item in a list.

sap edition item press event

Recently used artifacts displayed in the global search.

sap edition recently used search bar

Recently used widget. This can be added in the cockpit section configuration (tile group) and by the end user themselves.

sap edition recent apps

Section Configuration (Tile group)

sap edition include recently used

End User Configuration

The end user can add applications to their launchpad sections. First you have to go into edit mode, either by right-clicking/long pressing on a tile, or from the "Edit Screen" menu item.

sap edition edit screen

When the screen is in edit mode, a plus button will be present in all sections.

sap edition plus button

Search for the recently added app and add it to the screen.

sap edition add to screen

Then a widget will be added to the section that is ready to show recently used artifacts.

sap edition recently used tile