Generic Questions

Does Neptune DXP support OData pre-delivered SAP web services for MDG


Does Neptune DXP allow data modeling using SAP Gateway service builder?

SEGW provides OData services, which a Neptune app can easily integrate with

Can SAP Fiori Apps be added on a Neptune Launchpad for a user along with Neptune Apps?


What happens if SAP switches all roles to Fiori-based roles?

SAP access is based on PFCG roles, and Neptune access is most commonly linked to these roles

Is Neptune DXP limited to ABAP applications only and cannot use to customize SAP pre-delivered application packages?

Neptune DXP - SAP Edition is aimed at ABAP-based systems, Neptune DXP - Open Edition is suited to hook into ANY back-end system, using REST-API connections

In Neptune DXP can we develop apps for SAP private cloud platforms?


Backend add-on installation needed including production server which brings a lot of tables on their namespace?

Neptune can either be installed directly on the SAP back-end, (as a standalone component, the namespace is /NEPTUNE/) or only on an NWGW instance and communicate via RFC with SAP backend. Either way, the installation is lightweight

The client installed on mobile devices needs a separate Neptune web server for communication to the SAP backend?

No separate web server needed. Installed as an add-on on the ABAP stack and uses SAP ICF.

Neptune does not support the Attribute view, Analytical view, or Calculation view provided by S/4 HANA data model? Since they can be consumed only by the OData model and new S/4 ABAP reports are based on these models?

Neptune can easily consume OData and CDS views

Neptune DXP supports ODATA or JS?

Both. We explicitly support OData. Javascript is inherently supported

SAP SUM or DMO tools for HANA migration ignores Neptune tables, do we need to reinstall the add-on after migration, What happens to Neptune code/Tables after each upgrade? Do we need to reinstall the add-on after each SAP patch application or upgrade? Will tables or Code delete by SAP during a patch upgrade?

In normal upgrades, the Neptune components will be fully independent. In the case of upgrading from non-HANA to HANA, an ACP(Attribute Change Package) from Neptune may need to be applied if Neptune already installed.

Reverse Proxy Setup (Web dispatcher support)


Setup with VPN


Can customize SAP pre-delivered apps for HANA or Fiori tiles?

Can easily create tiles on Neptune Launchpad that will link to existing Fiori Apps

Deploying a standard app, Frontend - Publish to Neptune Client needed?

Publishing not required, once launchpad is installed any apps that are added/updated would reflect as soon as they are changed