API Trace

API Trace is an application that lets you monitor the API calls made by applications on to the server. Trace lets you probe the details when and who run the API on to the server.

Tracing allows the user to see the values of the events (like Date, Time, Status) generated by the request of the API calls and use that data for testing and diagnose.

API Trace application makes easier to maintain the logs for the application, also using this application, logs generated in last 180 days period can be easily diagnosed.

API Trace is divided into two parts:


Contains the list of APIs with their methods. The API must be selected to monitor the API logs.

API Logs

This part of the API Trace shows the logs generated by the API. Logs can be traced in the line chart and list view. The default is a line chart.

Getting started with API Trace

Search for API Trace in the main search bar.

This action will open the API trace tool.

sap edition api trace

Choose the User, Rest API, Operation and set the days for how many back days you want to trace the records.

Click the Run button. Generates the trace for an API in the selected time period. View the graph for Top 10 API, Top 10 users or Performance based traces.

Enable Trace all operations in API Designer