Configure the Settings

In this task, you learn how to configure general information about your launchpad.


  • There are no prerequisites.


  1. In the Cockpit, go to Administration and click Launchpad.

    Result: The table of existing launchpads opens.

  2. Click Add.

  3. Enter an ID for your launchpad.

  4. Click Create Launchpad.

    Result: The launchpad is created and is shown in the list of existing launchpads.

  5. Click on the launchpad you want to configure.

    Result: The settings of the launchpad open in the General tab.

  6. Click Edit.

  7. In the General Settings tab, you define general information about your launchpad. ID refers to the name the launchpad artifact has in the system. Name refers to the displayed name of the launchpad.

  8. In the Applications tab, define the launchpad application.

    The default is NEPTUNE_LAUNCHPAD_STANDARD. It is recommended that you use the standard application. However, if you have special requirements, it is possible to either specify a custom copy or an extension app using the App Extension Framework. Therefore, you can link launchpad enhancements configured with Enhancement.
  9. In the SAPUI5 Settings tab, specify an SAP UI5 version for the entire launchpad. In addition to the versions that are included with the DXP installation, you can also use online CDN (Content Delivery Network) versions.

  10. In the Launchpad Header tab, configure the layout of your launchpad header.

  11. In the Main Toolbar Display tab, configure how main toolbar items are displayed in your launchpad.

  12. In the Active Apps Display tab, configure how active applications are displayed in your launchpad.

  13. In the General Settings tab, configure general settings of your launchpad. You can enable notifications, turn off remote debugging frameworks or choose not to show certain notifications or elements.

  14. In the Caching tab, you can disable the frontend or backend application cache.

  15. In the CSS Grid Breakpoints tab, you can adjust the breakpoints of the CSS grid. This way, you can adjust how many tiles per row are displayed on your launchpad.

  16. Click Save.


  • You have configured the general settings of your launchpad.