Swagger UI

Purpose of the Swagger UI

The Swagger UI tab will give you a visualization of the swagger specification generated by the class. With this tool you can test the APIs endpoints and also review its metadata. In the case of APIs which need Entities the Swagger specification will return metadata targeted towards the specified entity. If the class does not require any Entities, you will see all metadata related to the class itself (like the class or method documentation).

Examples of SwaggerUI

  • Example of /NEPTUNE/CL_DR_LIB_SRC_PROG_X which requires a Program name as an entity.

    swaggerUI Entities

    The POST /execute Endpoint even reflects the Selection Screen Variants of the corresponding ABAP Program as "Examples" inside Swagger UI. The Body Payload will then be adjusted accordingly.

    swaggerUI POST
    swaggerUI VariantDirectory
  • Example of /NEPTUNE/CL_DR_IC_DEMO which requires no entities.

    swaggerUI Demo

    As you can see also the class documentation will be added to the swagger specification on top. This also works for the Method Documentation.

    swaggerUI MethodDocumentation

    Besides that, the functionality description is added in the SwaggerUI

    swaggerUI Functionality

It is also added in the GUI

swaggerUI FunctionalityClass