Application Management

List of all available Neptune applications into the system.

Shows the list of all available applications into the system. A Developer can check the app’s status, the total number of apps in the system, as well as perform actions on the apps.

app manage main
app manage detail

Run application

In the detail page, the developer can run the application with or without debug files. In production environment all Javascript resources are compiled into a minified Core.js file, which can be difficult to debug. Run the application with debug files if you intend to debug the application.

Disable application

If the application for some reason should not be available for end users, the application can be disabled.

Disable cache

When running an application standalone, the application will run in its own html page, the application will be created from scratch on each reload. When the application is running in the Neptune Launchpad, the whole application will be wrapped in a sap.ui.jsview. This view will be cached both on the backend SAP server and in the frontend browser by default. This will serve the view very fast to new and returning users.

If an application for some reason should not run from cache, caching can be turned on both at the backend level and at the frontend level.


The Policy tab is a shortcut to the Cockpit Security Application Tool which will opened in a popup dialog.

app manage policy