Is the Neptune DXP a Mobile Application Management Solution (MAM) ?


Is it possible for Neptune to perform the essential functions of a MAM solution?

Yes. The Neptune DXP has several functions to alleviate the need for a separate MAM solution.

Can you add and assign apps to devices and users?

Applications, yes, devices, no.

Can Neptune Protect data in apps with app protection policies?

Yes. See the following two questions for more information as to how.

What is the functionality after 3 unsuccessful login attempts? Does it lock the user account? Can you customize the threshold number of login attempts?

After 3 unsuccessful attempts, the user becomes locked. Under Users, there is a tab that specifies which users are locked and gives the admin the option to unlock, and you can customize it. For SAP users (Neptune DXP - SAP Edition), the rules are the ones in the SAP setup; on Neptune DXP - Open Edition setup is done on Neptune DXP - Open Edition.

What is the functionality after 5 unsuccessful login attempts? Will it delete the app or just the data? Can you customize the threshold number of login attempts?

We assume you mean the mobile client, the number of pin code/biometrics failed attempts is customizable. After that number is reached, the mobile client data (apps and data) are cleared. The app is not removed from the device, but it has no data inside.

Can we make an app store?

Yes, you can. A public/inside DMZ launchpad can be configured with tiles that behind have a mobile client to be installed. If the user on the browser of the mobile device accesses this launchpad and presses the install on one of the mobile client’s installations, it is installed the IPA/APK/Windows10 app version of the mobile client. This is a standard setup of a tile that points to a mobile client installation.

Can Neptune Monitor app assignments?

Yes. You can manage the security as to who has access to which application. Applications are also monitored, and access is logged within the platform to allow application administration and reporting.

Can Neptune update apps?

Yes. Login and logout of the application allows the application to update to the latest version.

Can we deploy the applications using Adobe PhoneGap?

Deployment is not done using PhoneGap. PhoneGap is just a way to transform all the settings made on the mobile client into an IPA / APK and Windows10 file. Those files upon creation are to be uploaded back to Neptune, and you can then use Neptune to push the updated versions to all clients/users by activating a newer version or regressing the version by activating a previous version *(there might be a need to delete the client of the device due to OS specifics behaviors). We can provide more information if needed as well as workarounds.

Can we detect if the device has been jailbroken? Any examples of where we’ve done this?

Out of the box no. However, this can be easily achieved by adding the following plugin to mobile clients:[]

This and an enhancement of the mobile client login/pin code can revert to this functionality becoming available. It should be up to the customer at this point to decide if this should delete the container of the app (data/apps) and revert the app to the login page killing all cookies that exist on the container. We can provide more details if needed.

Can (and how) does Neptune offer two-factor authentication, specifically in Neptune DXP - Open Edition? How can we use SMS as part of 2FA?

Two-factor Authentication (multiple parts) can be achieved by using Google Authenticator. Other services are also possible, but they will, at this point, not be part of our standard offering.

Can Neptune remote wipe devices?

No, this would require the use of a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution. Neptune is an application platform and, as such, will not have control over devices.

Can Neptune integrate with a Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solution?

Yes, we have many customers that use Neptune alongside an MDM solution. Our customers have used MDM solutions such as Microsoft Intune, SOTI, MobileIron, Airwatch, BlackBerry Dynamics, Blue Cedar, and others.


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