Product documentation for your Neptune applications can be created very easily and conveniently using the Documentation application.


Find and choose the desired application and you are already good underway.

sap edition documentation

Documentation has to be activated on the tile settings. Go to the tile that opens the application and enable user assistance.

sap edition documentation user assistance

Created documents will be shown in the launchpad next to the application when the user clicks the help button.

sap edition documentation launchpad

You can add a default language in the settings. This language will be used as a default when you create new documents.

sap edition documentation language

Add Documentation

Press the Add button to add a new document in edit mode.

Add a title to the document

sap edition documentation title

Your document is created and added to the document list. Now you have to add information and documentation. By default, documentation will be shown in a dialog box 706x800px, you can change this if you need.

sap edition documentation creation

Next, to the settings pane, you’ll find the document editor. Add meaningful documentation that describes your app.

Open a launchpad that includes a tile group/tile that opens the application. If documentation has to be activated on the tile settings, the user can click the help icon in the top right corner. Your newly created help document is now visible there.

sap edition documentation launchpad

When you add document #2, you have to choose if the document should be a child of the selected document or added below on the same level.

sap edition documentation second step

When you save the document, it will be available to use.

sap edition documentation step2 launchpad