Cockpit tools overview

Overview page for the cockpit tools of the Neptune DXP - SAP Edition, providing an overview on each tool and linking to the respective tile groups.


Neptune DXP - SAP Edition, is a Rapid Application Development Platform, targeting SAP Developers. The majority of functionality, is accessed through the Neptune Cockpit. This tab gives you a rapid overview of the different Neptune Cockpit tools.

cockpit components overview


Development tools give the flexibility to build innovative, robust, scalable and security-rich applications that enhance the App development productivity.

Neptune DXP Marketplace

The Neptune DXP Marketplace is a portal for downloading and sharing application building blocks.

App Designer

An integrated development environment for low code app development. It has an easy drag & drop elements functionality for creating an application, support version management, Data Flow and Language Translation.

Custom JS Helpers

Maintain custom JavaScript helpers. These can be used together with the pre-defined JS Helpers delivered from Neptune.

Editor Template

Define text templates for usage with the Neptune Rich Text Editor UI tool.


Documentation is a tool for creating end-user documentation for your applications. This can be used to create documents in many languages, you just need to choose the language and then start creating documents. Also, you can use it to make a guided tour of your application.

Custom UI5 Controls

Create your own custom UI5 objects, and use them in our App Designer

Search for specific terms in Javascript across all the apps.


Connectivity contains the tools to define and work with connections between Neptune DXP - SAP Edition and external or internal data sources. Neptune DXP - SAP Edition supports RFC Destinations, URL Alias, Rest API’S and OData services. The Connectivity tools allow you to configure and analyze the connectivity sources.

RFC Mapping

RFC Mapping for RFC Destinations is typically used in QA and production environments to avoid changing the RFC destinations specified in the App settings.

URL Alias

Mappings can be created so that URLs are dynamically generated using an Alias.

API Designer

API Designer is a graphical user interface to create and update Rest APIs to be consumed externally. Read how Neptune DXP - SAP Edition goes with Rest API.

API Factory

Neptune DXP - SAP Edition provides our customers the opportunity to build a modern restful API layer on top of their business layer. REST APIs are the most widely accepted protocol, and Neptune automates the production of Open API 2.0 and 3.0 on top of this layer.

The unique positioning of Neptune DXP - SAP Edition in the SAP architecture, running directly in SAP NetWeaver stack, side by side the business layer, makes possible for, not only, build REST Micro services that are ABAP based but now, we are also able to automate the REST API generation of other SAP artifacts. ABAP Classes, Function modules, and BAPI’s as well as ALV Reports, Standard and Custom.

In the case of ALV Reports we can even automate the generation of the UI5 application, with ZERO development needed in the process to create or maintain it. Our approach to integration allows customers to leverage on their SAP investment, all of the customization and code extensions can be made available as a service or via SAPUI5 applications powered by Neptune.

Integration Card Test

With this Test Tool you can preview an integration card based on the manifest.json. In the Left "Manifest" area you can either supply the manifest.json directly or specify an URL which returns the manifest.JSON as a HTTP GET Operation. After you click the "Execute" Button you will see the corresponding Integration Card on the right side.

Learn more about Integration Cards and how to create them: Integration Card Test.

API Trace

API Trace lets you monitor the API calls made by an application to the server. It makes it easier to maintain the logs for the application APIs.

Swagger UI

An interactive API console to visualize and interact with the API resources without having any of the implementation logic. Swagger UI allows end developers to effortlessly interact and try out every single operation your API exposes for easy consumption.

OData Source

OData (Open Data Protocol) is an ISO/IEC approved, OASIS standard that defines a set of best practices for building and consuming RESTful APIs. OData helps you focus on your business logic while building RESTful APIs without having to worry about the various approaches to define request and response headers, status codes, HTTP methods, URL conventions, media types, payload formats, query options, etc.


Run contains the tool to create, manage and analyze applications and to publish them to the Neptune DXP - SAP Edition Launchpad. An application should be added as a Tile in order to be added to a Launchpad or a Mobile Client.

Application Management

All the applications in the current system, including the timestamp and user responsible for the last changes.


Tiles are used to launch apps on a Launchpad or Mobile Client.


A Group represents a subset of tiles.


Launchpad is a shell that hosts Neptune DXP - SAP Edition apps and provides the apps with services such as navigation, personalization and application support.

Mobile Client

It’s a mobile version of the launchpad. It is used to create and maintain a launchpad for mobile applications. The Mobile Client is meant to be consumed by a mobile device.


Implement enhancements for your Launchpads & Mobile Clients.

Sticky Banner

Banners for desktop launchpads.

Login Page

Create and maintain login page layout for desktop launchpads.


Link to the Neptune Catalog, where end users can download and install mobile clients.


Media Library

Media Library is a tool that lets you store all types of media files in one place in an organized structure and make it available to use it while creating an application in App designer.

UI5 Theme Import

Themes created using either Neptune Theme Designer or SAP UI Theme Designer can easily be imported into Neptune UX Platform. After being imported, the themes can be applied to apps and also to your Launchpads.

Launchpad Layout

Create and maintain layouts for your Launchpads & Mobile Clients.

Tile Layout

Tile look and feel.

Splash Screen

Create and maintain splash screen design for desktop launchpads.

Media Pack

Create and maintain collections of icons and splash screens for use in mobile clients.

Custom Color

Create and maintain your color palettes.

Icon Fonts

Icon fonts are fonts, that instead of letters or numbers, containing symbols and glyphs. You can style icon fonts with CSS, in the same way you style regular text. SAPUI5 includes some icons in the SAP Icon Pool. You access them and use them in your applications and Neptune configuration by using the sap://icon-* scheme.

The advantage of icon fonts over bitmap images like .gif, .jpg and .png images are:

  • You can apply any CSS effects to them.

  • Because they are vector graphics, they’re scalable. That means you can scale them up or down without losing their quality.

  • You send one single or few HTTP request(s) to load them instead of multiple HTTP requests that bitmap images might require.

  • They load fast because of their small size.

  • They’re supported in all browsers.


Remote Debug

Mobile Debug is a debugger tool for both desktop launchpads and mobile clients. It allows you to trace logs generated by applications running in the mobile clients. Errors, warnings and console messages collected on remote devices.

Application Usage

Analyze applications usage.

Extended Trace

Trace client information, including details such as Common Details (like User, Application, Period), Client Information and the Application Details.

Mobile Devices

Analyze Mobile devices and their versions consuming your apps.

Push Devices

Analyze push enabled devices.

Mobile Installations

Analyze installations from Neptune Application Catalog.

Push Log

Analyze push notification logs.

Application Cache

Shows the list of applications stored in Server cache.

Licensed Users

List of Licensed users.

Lock Entries

Display the list of active locks in the system. You can delete the lock from here if needed.


Test your Server performance.

Sync Inbound

Status of inbound sync from Mobile Clients.



Manage and delete the System logs that are no longer required.

Translate Cockpit Objects

Translate directly, or export/import to .csv for external translation.

Upgrade Check

Use this tool to check and identify any open repair transports including Neptune objects. Release any transports found, if not import of the Neptune upgrade transports will fail.



Resources (Apps, Launchpads, Tiles, etc.) can be exported from one Neptune system to other Neptune systems.


Resources can be imported from one Neptune system to other Neptune systems in an XML file format.


Security tools ensure that user can access only the resources to which they have the required permissions.


It is to set the App policies for direct access to Apps.


Generate policies to control access to tiles and Apps.



This tool allows to set the general settings for the system as well as set the Licensing property fields.


Customize your Home Page view and the Page Layout.


Neptune Community

Link to the Neptune Community.

Application Samples

UI5 Library

UI5 Demo Kit

Opens the Neptune SAPUI5 Demo Kit help inside the cockpit.