Class Types

An important distinguishing feature of an API build with the API Factory Framework is, whether the API Class Type is Runtime or Metadata.

You can learn more about Runtime/Metadata resp. Functional/Technical Area in the Documentation here: (

You can view the class types in the API Factory as shown in the image below. APIFactory Classtypes

When you click on an API Classname you will then navigate to the Details of that API. In there you will also find the Class Type in the "General" Tab.

APIFactory Classname General


When the class Type is "Runtime" then the class solely implements interface /NEPTUNE/IF_DR_RUNTIME and not /NEPTUNE/IF_DYNAMIC_RESTAPI.

Hence, the default technical settings are applied which are represented with Metadata class /NEPTUNE/CL_DR_GENERIC.


When the Class Type is "Metadata" the class implements interface /NEPTUNE/IF_DYNAMIC_RESTAPI implements and this metadata class "knows" the corresponding runtime class (can be ME or another instance). It must return the runtime instance with method /NEPTUNE/IF_DYNAMIC_RESTAPI~GET_RUNTIME.