System requirements


Neptune DXP - SAP Edition must be installed on a SAP NetWeaver 7.x ABAP web application server. This can be a standalone system for the purpose of running Neptune DXP - SAP Edition or any existing SAP Business Suite installation, for example, SAP ECC, SAP CRM, or SAP SRM.

There are no additional components required apart from the ABAP web application server. Mobile applications developed with the App Designer can alternatively be managed by SAP Afaria as part of SAP’s mobile platform.

In a normal environment, fifty Neptune users use the same resources as one WebDynpro user.

SAP NetWeaver

To take advantage of newer ABAP features, the minimum required SAP NetWeaver version for Neptune DXP22 has been increased to 7.03. The following are the minimum SAP NetWeaver versions for each supported Neptune DXP version.

  • Neptune DXP6: SAP NetWeaver 7.01 or higher

  • Neptune DXP21: SAP NetWeaver 7.01 or higher

  • Neptune DXP22: SAP NetWeaver 7.31 or higher

Check the SAP Version History for a reference.

SAP server

If you are already running BSP or WebDynpro ABAP applications, no further requirements for the SAP server is needed.

For SAP NetWeaver 7.0+, the Internet Communication Framework (component BC-MID-ICF) and the Internet Communication Manager (ICM, component BC-CST-IC) must be set up on the SAP NetWeaver 7.0+ Application Server. SAP Basis Component SAP_BASIS 700 SP14 and above is supported.

The minimum required version of Neptune DXP for S/4 HANA are the following:

Desktop & Mobile Browsers

The following browser versions are supported:

  • Chrome: 46 or higher

  • Firefox: 16 or higher

  • Edge: 21 or higher

  • Safari: 8 or higher

  • Opera: 37 or higher

  • Microsoft Edge Legacy (EdgeHTML) and Microsoft Internet Explorer 11:

    • DXP6: Supported

    • DXP21: Supported

    • DXP22: Not Supported

Mobile Client Operation Systems

  • iOS: 7 or higher

  • Android: 7 or higher

  • Windows: 10 (deprecated by Microsoft and Cordova. Not supported in DXP 22)

System requirements for SAP UI5

The following are the supported versions and devices if you want to develop SAP UI5 with Neptune DXP. The information can be found in detail on the SAP UI5 website.