Configure the layout of your tile

In this topic, you learn how to configure the layout of your tile.



  1. In the Cockpit, go to Administration and click Tile.

    Result: The table of existing tiles open.

  2. Click on the tile you want to configure.

    Result: The settings of the tile open in the Settings tab.

  3. Go to the Layout tab.

  4. In the Tile Layout section, you define the general layout of your tile. You can assign a tile layout created with Tile Layout.

  5. In the Tile Size section, you set the width and height of your tile.

  6. In the Tile Title & Subtitle section, you configure the title and subtitle of your tile.

  7. In the Tile Icon section, you can provide an icon for your tile. Icons can also be appropriately sized images. Icons are derived from the media library.

  8. In the Tile Image section, you can choose and configure a background image for your tile.

  9. In the Open Button section, you define what text or which icon is displayed on the start button of the tile.

  10. Click Save.


  • You have configured the layout of your tile.

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