Add actions to your tile

In this topic, you learn how to add further actions to your tile.



  1. In the Cockpit, go to Administration and click Tile.

    Result: The table of existing tiles open.

  2. Click on the tile you want to configure.

    Result: The settings of the tile open in the Settings tab.

  3. Go to the Action tab.

    The configuration options depend on the Tile Type and Action Type you choose.
  4. In the Action Type section, you decide what action is performed when you click your tile on the Launchpad.


    Select an application that will be run and enter start parameters for the application. You can create multiple tiles with different start parameters for the same application. Example for start parameters:

    ABAP Report

    Display an ABAP report from an application. Specify the ABAP Report Name you want to call. You can define a Report Variant for a desktop or mobile environment and you can choose to skip the selection screen for the report variant. The generic application which is being called when you open the tile makes use of these API Factory Classes:

    Mobile Client Installation

    Special action type for desktop use to install a mobile client. Select which mobile client is installed.


    Enter an URL that can be clicked. You can also link an URL alias created with URL Alias.


    Enter a tilegroup that should be launched. The selected tile group has to be included in the launchpad. You can set the tilegroup to hidden in the launchpad, if you do not want the tilegroup to be visible in the normal launchpad menu.


    Select a SAP transaction that should be opened.


  • You have configured further actions of your tile.