Further configure your tile

In this topic, you learn how to further configure your tile, including the sidepanel, navigation, documentation, policy, and translation.



  1. In the Cockpit, go to Administration and click Tile.

    Result: The table of existing tiles open.

  2. Click on the tile you want to configure.

    Result: The settings of the tile open in the Settings tab.

  3. In the Tile Style tab, you can enter customized CSS to modify the layout of your tile.

  4. In the Navigation section of the Navigation tab, you can define semantic objects and actions that are performed on these objects. Semantic objects can be business entities, for example, customer or employee.

  5. In the Sidepanel section of the Navigation tab, you can add an application that is displayed on the sidepanel of your tile.

  6. In the Documentation tab, you can enable documentation for this tile that has been created in the Documentation service. You can also enable and write documentation specifically for your tile.

  7. In the Custom Actions tab, you can add custom actions to your tile. You can create custom actions with Custom Action.

  8. In the Policy tab, you can specify if you want your tile to be visible for every user or if you want to assign it to certain policies only. You can add one ore more policies by clicking Add.

  9. In the Translation tab, you can add a translation for the title, subtitle, description, status, and open button in a language of your choice. You need to select the same language on the launchpad to see your translation.

  10. In the Where-used tab, you can see in which tile group the tile is used.

  11. Click Save.


  • You have further configured your tile.