Upgrade, download, and install Neptune DXP - SAP Edition

Upgrading Neptune Neptune DXP - SAP Edition

If you already have Neptune DXP - SAP Edition installed, you receive a download link in the Neptune Cockpit whenever a new version is available.

Download Neptune DXP - SAP Edition

You can download the latest version from the download site: https://portal.neptune-software.com/launchpad/portal?freeTrial=true

The files in the download section are signed with GPG and a SHA256 checksum is provided for all files.


From the downloaded .zip file, the installation consists of a SAP transport in the form of a cofile and a data file.

Read the installation guide included in the .zip file to get all the information you need.

Authenticate your downloaded version

To verify that a downloaded file has not been changed since it was created, you can create a SHA256 checksum and compare it to the SHA256 file found in the download section:

  1. Download the GPG file and the public KEY file.

  2. Import the public key and verify the downloaded file.

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