DXP22.10.0006 Changelog

February 06, 2023

neptune.UserDefault number grouping/decimals. Android engine. Launchpad Customization. Empty Application CSS. Missing http error if launchpad provided but not exists. Inline Top Menu. Launchpad Layout Image URL Length. Launchpad Sidepanel with namespace apps. AppCache.Back Focus. Cockpit Editor Theme Detection. ModelData.Insert. Launchpad App View Translation. GUI Designer missing objects in library tree. Export, Import & Migrate Launchpad. Live Apps in Sections. Cockpit XML Import might fail when importing XML from Neptune DXP 6 to Neptune DXP 21. Close Launchpad Global Search Focus.


neptune.UserDefault number grouping/decimals (1-18628)

When running a PWA offline, neptune.UserDefault.numberGrouping & neptune.UserDefault.numberDecimal were not read from cache, resulting in failing number formatters using neptune.Formatter in input fields.

Android engine (2)

It is now possible to specify the cordova android engine that should be used when generating the mobile client. This setting can be found in Cockpit → Mobile Client → Device → Preferences, in the Android section.

Launchpad Customization (3-18645)

By default the end user can rearrange tiles, add new tiles, add new screens and move tiles around. This launchpad customization can be disabled for the whole launchpad. Now it’s also possible to disabled end user customization for a single section (tilegroup). So, now it’s possible to have locked sections in your launchpad and have other sections open for customization.

Empty Application CSS (4-18648)

When deleting all CSS from an application, the Neptune table containing the style data will be deleted, but the generated app.css file would not be updated.

Missing http error if launchpad provided but not exists (5-18642)

When a Launchpad HTTP Header has been provided (NeptuneLaunchpad) but the corresponding launchpad doesn’t exist now we return a 400 Bad Request HTTP Response.

Inline Top Menu (6-18645)

If the launchpad main menu is shown in the header, the menu is shown on a seperate header line in Neptune DXP 22, this follows the SAP Fiori Design Guidelines. By public demand, we’ve broght back the option to have the main menu shown inline in the very top of the launchpad, together with all the rest of the header buttons. The overflow mechanism still works nicely when the menu is shown inline, an overflow button will open a popover with the remaining menus if there is not room enough in the header itself.

Launchpad Layout Image URL Length (7)

Neptune Launchpad Layout background images could only hold 30 characters. Setting background using gradients would not be possible, because the value would often be too long and therefore result in corrupted CSS.

Launchpad Sidepanel with namespace apps (8-18664)

When loading applications in the launchpad sidepanel, the application ID could not include special characters like /. It’s now possible to also load the same application multiple times with different start parameters into the side panel, so that multiple documents can be handle reusing the same JS view.

AppCache.Back Focus (9-18672)

When navigating back in the list of AppCacheNav pages (apps & screens), the screen scroll position was not always maintained. In some cases the top of the screen would be shown instead of the position before an application was opened. Setting AppCacheNav.autoFocus to false solved the issue.

Cockpit Editor Theme Detection (10)

All editors in cockpit tool applications will now live detect light/dark theme changes.

ModelData.Insert (11-18719)

The new Insert function in ModelData would not use the parameter record correctly.

Launchpad App View Translation (12-18719)

When running a Neptune application in the Neptune Launchpad as a JS view, translated text with special characters would not be transfered correctly.

GUI Designer missing objects in library tree (14-18712)

When setting the UI5 version for the app as 1.108. some objects in some libraries, like sap.f , were removed when they shouldn’t.

Export, Import & Migrate Launchpad (15-18384)

Exporting a classic launchpad with tiles added directly to the launchpad would not choose all tiles & tilegroups. When migrating a Neptune Launchpad from NEPTUNE_LAUNCHPAD_DESKTOP to NEPTUNE_LAUNCHPAD_STANDARD, tiles with parents would not be migrated.

Live Apps in Sections (18643)

When changing settings for "Screen Changes" in the Neptune Launchpad. Live apps in sections (sub tilegroups) were not redrawn in the DOM.

Cockpit XML Import from Neptune DXP - SAP Edition Version 6 to Neptune DXP - SAP Edition Version 21 (18638)

When Importing an XML File that has been created from DXP6 "Export" Cockpit function into a >= Neptune DXP 21 System via the Cockpit "Import" function you might have gotten an error and no changes would show up. This was related to a shorteing of certain fields and would eventually lead to a CX_SY_CONVERSION_DATA_LOSS exception in call transformation id. This now has been resolved.

Close Launchpad Global Search Focus

When the launchpad global search dialog was closed, the focus was lost if the screen was too small to contain the search field. Now either the seach field or the search button will be focused depending on the visibility of the search field.

  • Jurijs Pasedko

  • Ricardo Barbosa Ferreira

  • Thomas Klaus

  • Markus Reich

  • Maximilian Schaufler

  • Serdar Kabasakal

  • Omer Greenfeld

  • Tony Morellet