DXP22.10.0001 Changelog

November 24, 2022

JS View encoding. Syntax error during import T599C. Application variants. Web App Designer auto complete. API Designer ICF Nodes.


JS View encoding (18377,18378)

Neptune applications are running as Javascript views inside the launchpad and in the Cockpit. The JS View is base64 encoded in the ABAP server before sending the view data to the frontend where the view is decoded. The ABAP encoder had a strong setting that corrupted special characters like æ, ø, å, ö, ä, ü.

Syntax error during import T599C (18393)

When importing Neptune DXP 22.10.0000 into a Netweaver Gateway System you would get syntax errors during import because it is referencing unknown table t599c.

Application Variants

Developers have a lot of options to create content for the launchpad to present company applications in a variety of ways. It’s now possible to give the launchpad end users some power too! The "Save App Variant To My Screen" button has been added to the Neptune Launchpad settings menu. If an application has attached an event listener for the Launchpad App Variant Framework, the "Save App Variant To My Screen" button will be visible.

Web App Designer Auto Complete

Auto Complete was not available when editing code in event scripts or editing code in formatters.

API Designer ICF Nodes

If calling an API build with the API Designer through an ICF Subnode (below /neptune/api/…​) then the "Allow ICF Subnode" settings is now considered and a HTTP 401 error is thrown when the ICF subnode does not match the setting in the API Designer.