DXP22.10.0011 Changelog

February 01, 2024

Disable JQuery UI. Tile Sizes. UI5 Theme Toast Message. AppCache URL Params. Device Type. Hash navigation lost after login through /webapp icf node. Autolock on non PWA Launchpads. Logon Username Lenght. Back Button. Home Button. StatusBar Error. Tab to Hidden Elements. Hide Header in AppCache.Load. CSRF. Linebreaks in debugger. UI5 patch version. iPhone Screen Height. External URL on iOS. Launchpad Favicon. SAP User Default on Neptune DXP - Open Edition. Native authentication. AppSync Framework can Fail. AppSync Framework might stop with syntax error. Run standard Fiori app in iOS Mobile Client. Change Password. Open API Server URLs always http scheme. ProcesFlow ModelData. Installed UI5 versions Widget. Timeline Binding. Theme UI5 Version Sort. Search. Enable Aggregation-based Object Placement. Import from file. Depricated Attributes. GUI App Designer Icon Explorer. Microsoft Edge browser control in SAP GUI. Click to navigate Formatters with one line. Missing texts. AppCache.Load in Fiori Launchpad. Custom UI5 Control Content. Installed UI5 versions. Extension of sap.ui.table.Column

JSON Serialization

Serialization (20187)

When using two levels of nested includes in an ABAP structure with a group name, the JSON serialization in an API built with the API Designer could have failed leading to a dump.


Disable JQuery UI (1-20153)

JQuery UI is used by the Neptune Launchpad to enable drag and drop on touch devices. JQuery UI can interfere with some UI5 controls on some devices. If this kind of issue is detected, disabling end-user customization will now also disable JQuery UI. One known combination is sap.m.ComboBox and some Windows tablets.

Tile Sizes (02-20220)

The Medium, Wide and Wider tile sizes were set to occupy too many cells in the launchpad CSS grid. The Medium size has been adjusted from 8 cells to 6. The Wide size has been adjusted from 12 cells to 8. The Wider size has been adjusted from 16 cells to 12.

UI5 Theme Toast Message (9-20131)

Using some customer themes based on older base themes like Belize would result in a toast stating that the theme couldn’t be loaded, even though the error was just occurring in one non-important library.

AppCache URL Params (5-20235)

The launchpad will read URL params. Some Zebra devices have a too old browser that cannot understand the Javascript used in the param function. Reading URL params in a launchpad running on Cordova makes no sense, so no URL params will be attempt to be read there.

Device Type (15-20303)

A growing number of devices are identified as a desktop and a tablet. The priority for the identification has been flipped, so that the smallest devices will win. Phone first, then tablet and if none of the previous, it’s assumed that the device is a desktop system. If this classification is not working in your organization, the function sap.n.Launchpad.deviceType can be overridden to do the needed.

Hash navigation lost after login through /webapp icf node (32-20391)

When login into a launchpad with sap username and password via the /neptune/webapp icf node you could have lost the hash navigation value (semantic navigation) after the authentication is done.

Autolock on non PWA Launchpads (12-20288)

Fixed an issue that would make non PWA launchpads keep the timer for the autolock.

Even large applications can be made usable on phones, so, Neptune recommends that applications and tiles should not be hidden on specific devices. Applications should be developed with a responsive UI that adapts to all screen sizes. Display and hide individual elements in your applications based on screen size, not device type.
Logon Username Lenght (22-20347)

Entering a username longer than the allowed 12 characters would cause a dump in the initial ABAP logon screen.

Back Button (25-20351)

When navigating between screens (tilegroups) in the launchpad, the back button would not be displayed and the active menu was not being set.

Home Button (25-20351)

The logo in the top left corner acts as a home button. The first click on the home button will now go directly to the home screen. Now that the back button will be displayed when navigating between screens and sections, the home button can act more as a dedicated home button.

StatusBar Error (24-20350)

The statusbar settings for mobile clients were accidentally accessed in desktop mode, causing an error because the statusbar object is undefined in desktops.

Tab to Hidden Elements (20349)

Depending on the launchpad settings, an area for opened applications is created for active applications. This area was available for tabbing even though the area was hidden, causing the flow for visually impaired users to be disrupted.

Hide Header in AppCache.Load (20325)

When loading applications using AppCache.Load, the setting hideHeader would not be used.

CSRF (39-20487)

If you have CSRF protection enabled on a launchpad the /neptune/native/fetch_csrf call did not respond with a content-type. This could have led to unexpected issues in Firewalls or other scenarios. Now we do send the correct response type (text/plain).

Linebreaks in debugger(21)

Debugging launchpad and mobile clients no longer requires Pretty print to correctly match the executed line. This previous issue was caused by an unfortunate mix of linefeeds (cr_lf/cr).

UI5 patch version(20)

When checking the UI5 version in the launchpad (and mobile client) from Settings - System, the correct UI5 patch number is now reflected. Previously this would only show sap.ui.version which is necessarily updated with the actual SAPUI5 patch version.

iPhone Screen Height (31-20389,20449,20555,20704)

Newer iOS versions do not play well with the Cordova StatusBar plugin, the soft-key-footer overlays some of the Neptune Mobile Client canvas. The StatusBar is needed on Android to control the device header, but not on iOS. So the StatusBar plugin is no longer added to iOS Mobile Clients. A side effect is that you will need to build dedicated Android and iOS Mobile Clients. We’ve seen the same happen to other non-essential plugins, so it makes sense to split mobile client build into dedicated platforms. It will be a little annoying to wait for each build in DXP22. We suggest that you upgrade to DXP23, where a mobile client build only takes about ~10 seconds.

External URL on iOS (40-20457)

Tiles that open external URLs would not open the InAppBrowser correctly.

Launchpad Favicon

Favicon set on the launchpad would not be passed on to the layout settings, only custom favicons set on the individual layouts would be rendered.

SAP User Default on Neptune DXP - Open Edition (56-20709)

The neptune.Utils.userDefault object is implemented on both the Neptune DXP - SAP Edition and Neptune DXP - Open Edition. When you run an SAP App view in an Neptune DXP - Open Edition launchpad, the neptune.Utils.userDefault object would be overwritten by the Neptune DXP - SAP Edition neptune.Utils.userDefault object, with potential network errors. Now the SAP App View will no longer overwrite the Neptune DXP - Open Edition user default object, so any storing of user defaults will be done correctly on the Neptune DXP - Open Edition system using the logged on Neptune DXP - Open Edition user.

Mobile Client

Native authentication

In certain scenarios, duplicate Ajax could result in looping and reloading of the Splash screen. This fix requires rebuilding the mobile client.

AppSync Framework can Fail(41-20351)

In mobile clients that use the Cordova SQLite plugin, you would get an error when using the AppSync framework. This is related to the new implementation we did for the SQLite implementation (deprecation of WebSQL). As we introduced these Promises the Sqlite Plugin would have finished transactions in an AppSync synchronization which would lead to the error.

AppSync Framework might stop with syntax error(46-20468)

In mobile clients that use the Cordova SQLite plugin you might have gotten an error "syntax error or other error code: 1 message: near ")". This is now resolved.

Run standard Fiori app in iOS Mobile Client(49-20468)

When you add a Fiori standard application to a Neptune mobile client and try to open it on an iOS or iPadOS device you get an error "Init View Error: /NEPTUNE/APP_URL" this is now resolved.

Change Password (20761)

If password change for a user is not permitted by the system (i.e. the password has already been changed the same day), there was no informative error message about this. The error message was "Client, name, or password is not correct; log on again". The login flow has now been corrected to be the same as in SAP standard (for instance SAP GUI), where the user receives an informative message telling that the password cannot be changed, and the reason for this. After receiving this message, the user is already authenticated and does not have to enter credentials again. This change also applies to PWA-enabled launchpads.

API Factory

Open API Server URLs always http scheme

When you were opening the Open API Specification for an API Factory Class the Server URL inside of it was always constructed with the http scheme. This now is changed to consider the scheme that the current request is made from.

UI5 Runtime

ProcesFlow ModelData (11-20271)

Models used in sap.suite.ui.commons.ProcessFlow controls were not generated correctly.


Installed UI5 versions Widget(27)

In some cases, it would not be shown if there was a new patch version available for download for a given UI5 version.

Web App Designer

Timeline Binding (14-20300)

It was not possible to bind table types to the sap.suite.ui.commons.Timeline object in the Web App Designer.

Theme UI5 Version Sort (43-20586)

The Theme UI5 minor version was concatenated to 2 digits. Now UI5 1.108 & 1.120 will be displayed correctly.

Search (47-20617)

If you are searching special string combinations in the Neptune Web App Designer eg JSON.parse(JSON.stringify( there would be a syntax error about an Invalid Regular expression and the search would not work. This is now resolved.

Enable Aggregation-based Object Placement (42-20522)

Corrected "sap.ui.core.HTML" aggregations.

Import from file (20700)

It was possible to create an app from a file while no file was selected, this as now been corrected.

GUI App Designer

Depricated Attributes (3)

Depricated attributes like events, formatters and properties will now be correctly hidden in the attributes screen.

GUI App Designer Icon Explorer (12-20269)

Copying an icon in the GUI App Designer Icon Explorer used a deprecated window clipboard object. Now the navigator.clipboard object is used instead. Developers will need to set Edge as the browser control in SAP GUI.

Microsoft Edge browser control in SAP GUI(9)

Compatibility adjustments for navigation in the App Designer to support both Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge as browser control.

Click to navigate (44-20610)

While using Edge as the Browser control of SAP GUI, for some versions of SAP GUI, when running the preview of the app in the designer, the click to navigate in the app tree would not work This has now been fixed.

Formatters with one line (51-20651)

Corrected a bug where if the formatter only had one line of code, it was nor properly save in the database and the code would be lost.

Housekeeping program

Missing texts (4)

Missing texts in program /NEPTUNE/DELETE_LOG_ENTRIES now introduced.

Fiori Launchpad

AppCache.Load in Fiori Launchpad (7-20249)

AppCache.Load would not work in Neptune applications running in Fiori Launchpad.

Custom UI5 Controls

Custom UI5 Control Content (20453)

Fixed a bug where content added to Custom UI5 Controls would not be added to the object.

Installation check

Installed UI5 versions (20663)

This report will now show what UI5 versions are locally installed on the system.

Extension applications

Extension of sap.ui.table.Column (58-20721)

When extending object sap.ui.table.Column an error saying "No child for table column" would always be triggered. This has now been corrected.