DXP22.10.0008 Changelog

March 01, 2023

Launchpad Live Section Header. IndexedDB in Firefox Private Browsing Mode. Launchpad Update User Info. App Designer Panels. Event Scripts Line Feed. RFC Destinations are not showed when not translated. Neptune Value Help Field might be empty in collective Search Helps. CSRF SameSite Mobile. Tile Start Parameters Not Added. Favicon Mobile. Launchpad App Title Display. No Public Access Load Error.


Launchpad Live Section Header

Launchpad sections (subtilegroups) displaying live applications, would not have the visible header title & subtitle.

IndexedDB in Firefox Private Browsing Mode (2-18910)

Firefox is blocking usage of IndexedDB in private browsing mode. The AppStorage.deleteViewAll function did not check for database existance, resulting in an error when browsing Firefox in private mode.

Launchpad Update User Info (3-18713)

When unlocking a user in a PWA or Mobile Client, user data was not updated correctly if the user data was changed in the SAP backend. Enabling and disabling debug would not have an effect was one of the effects of this.

App Designer Panels (4-18895)

Some of the content in the Neptune Web App Designer, would not fit into the pane containers.

Event Scripts Line Feed (5)

Event scripts would not be generated with an ending line feed. If a custom event script ends with a Javascript comment, the closing bracket would be included in the comment resulting in syntax error.

RFC Destinations are not showed when not translated (6-18908)

RFC Destinations in the Web App Designer and API Designer have not been showing up when their description Texts have not been translated into sy-langu.

Neptune Value Help Field empty in collective Search Helps (8-18905)

When you were using a collective search help in the neptune.ValueHelp Field and clicked on the same elementary search help that you already have selected the search help would get empty.

CSRF SameSite Mobile (9-18914)

On mobile devices, the CSRF Session cookie has been changed from SameSite=Lax to SameSite=None.

Tile Start Parameters Not Added (10-18927,18929,18943)

Tile start params were not added correctly to the onInit & onBeforeDisplay event handlers.

Favicon Mobile (11-18939)

Favicon would be added to the HTML header area in mobile clients. The corresponding favicon image was not exported, leading to console errors. Now the favicon is no longer added to the HTML header for mobile clients.

Launchpad App Title Display (12-18935)

The active app title would be hidden if an app that was not in focus was closed.

No Public Access Load Error (14-18944)

When checking off the "Do not allow public network traffic!" setting in the cockpit, the local UI5 versions would not be displayed.

  • Jurijs Pasedko

  • Stefan Grundmann

  • Per Hjorth Christiansen

  • Hans Rusten Wang

  • Francisco Garcia