DXP22.10.0002 Changelog

November 29, 2022

Mobile Client Layouts. Message toast with timeout. Cockpit Media Library Search. Cockpit Policy Bulk Update. neptune.PDFView bug in /NEPTUNE/CL_NAD_SERVER


Mobile Client Layouts
  • When a mobile client is build, the UI5 version is burnt into the build. To get a new UI5 version you have to build a new mobile client. Layouts on the other hand can be updated live. So when a user unlocks a mobile client, an updated list of layouts are sent to the mobile client. If some of the new layouts are using UI5 themes that are not support by the UI5 version on the mobile client, the mobile client will crash of one of these layouts are applied.

  • New layouts will now be checked up against the UI5 version that the mobile client was built with, not the UI5 version current applied in the Cockpit settings.

Message toast with timeout (18378)

A message toast with wrong timeout parameters was used in the AppCache.handleAfterLoadError function.

Cockpit Media Library Search

It’s now possible to search in all folders in the Neptune Cockpit Media Library. The search will include media items in the selected folder and all children folders.

Cockpit Policy Bulk Update (18383)

A bulk update function have been added to the Cockpit Policy Service.

neptune.PDFView bug in /NEPTUNE/CL_NAD_SERVER (18391)

The neptune.PDFView control in the application view.js, was rendered with a javascript error.

  • Ravi Brunsvik