DXP22.10.0005 Changelog

January 18, 2023

App Designer Search & Replace. Cockpit Server Cache. SVG Reference Images. Tile Group Header Background Images. Hide Splash in PWA with Start App. Master Client in ABAP Select. Nested Deserialization. SAP GUI 7.70 EDGE as Browser Control. Missing Apps and APIs. Fixed German Translations in Launchpad.


Nested Deserialization (1-18586)

When binding deep structures to objects other than multimodels, if the deep structure contained tables, those were not properly handled in the ajax responses, this would cause that after a few ajax calls with that model the number of lines of those tables would grow exponentially.

App Designer Search & Replace (2-18555)

When using the replace function in the Web App Designer, open script code would not be updated with the replacement. The replacement would be performed in the scripts, but the open tabs had to be closed and opened again to show the changes.

Cockpit Server Cache (3)

If server cache was enabled, the Cockpit application code would be read that server cache. This lead to missing configuration read, that then again lead to some customization not being applied.

SVG Reference Images (4)

We’ve added support for SVG XLink.

Tile Group Header Background Images (5)

Background images added to tile group headers would not be shown correctly due to a missing CSS class in the VBox container with the background image.

SAP GUI 7.70 Edge as Browser Control (6-18586)

From SAP GUI version 7.70 patch 3, when using the Browser control as EDGE, in the GUI App Designer, when closing script files that contained large coding, a dump would occur.

Missing Apps and APIs (7-18605)

Patches 22.10.0003 and 22.10.0004 were missing a few system apps and APIs. These are now included.

Fixed German Translations in Launchpad (8-18603)

The German translations for NEPTUNE__LAUNCHPAD_STANDARD have been corrected.

Hide Splash in PWA with Start App (9-18595)

In launchpad PWAs with a custom start application, the splash screen would be hidden before the start app view was fully loaded, exposing the pincde screen. This would confuse the enduser, making them entering the pincode again.

Master Client in ABAP Select (10-18617)

The master client was missing from selects in /NEPTUNE/CL_NAD_SERVER→ENHANCEMENT_VIEW_SCRIPT_BEGIN

  • Maximilian Schaufler

  • Steve Campbell

  • Jurijs Pasedko