DXP22.10.0004 Changelog

January 06, 2023

Block mobile clients based on Neptune DXP version. Table Sorting Framework. Deleting Mobile Client layouts. App Designer Import. RFC Destination in API Designer. SAP GUI App Designer Personal Settings. Planning Calendar Appointment. Process Flow Node standalone model. ICF Subnodes not allowed in API Designer. App Designer Attribute Panel Height. App Designer Icon Explorer Scroll. App Designer Icon Explorer Categories. App Designer Payload. Launchpad Menu Width. Mobile Client Formatters on iOS. App Designer Version Management. OAuth 2.0 Authentication for Apple iPad. App Designer inactive menu items. Launchpad Search Menu Items. Disable Launchpad Search. Favorite Widget Size Limit. UI5 Attributes.


Block mobile clients based on Neptune DXP version (1-18460)

When a Neptune Mobile Client is created, the Neptune DXP version is burned into the client. You can now check access in Neptune policies based on the molbile client build version. So, if you are in a transition phase where new mobile clients are rolled out, you can block aceess to mobile clients that was built on previous Neptune DXP versions.

Table Sorting Framework (2-18474)

The Neptune Table Sort Framework for sap.m.Table will store a sort state to the ABAP backend and read the stored state when the view with the table is opened the next time. If the stored state for some reason cannot be read from the ABAP backend, the sorting framework was not initialized, so that sorting on sap.m.Table objects was not available.

Deleting Mobile Client layouts (3)

It was not possible to delete layouts in the "Additional Layouts" table in the layouts tab in the Neptune Cockpit Mobile Client Service.

App Designer Import (4)

When choosing "Import from file" in the Web App Designer, the application would show an "Application blocked" popup.

RFC Destination in API Designer (5-18499,18468 )

With the introduction of the request body Mime Type setting for API Designer built APIs we introduced a bug that you couldn’t open an API that has an RFC Destination in its settings. This is now resolved

SAP GUI App Designer Personal Settings (6)

In the App Designer, there are now available the GUI Personal Settings that were only available in the App Designer. Changing these settings will require a transaction restart.

Planning Calendar Appointment (7-18523)

When binding model data to an sap.ui.unified.CalendarAppointment object, the JSON model object was not created.

Process Flow Node standalone model (8)

When using the oldschool model binding for the sap.suite.ui.commons.ProcessFlowNode and not using the multimodel approach on the sap.suite.ui.commons.ProcessFlow object, the model was not generated correctly.

ICF Subnodes not allowed in API Designer (9-18534)

With the introduction of the stricter ICF Subnode Checks for API Designer built APIs the ICF subnode was checked in a case sensitive way leading to potential 401 responses. The check of the ICF Subnode is now cases insensitive.

App Designer Attribute Panel Height (10-18539)

The attribute pane content in App Designer, would not fit completely into the scroll container.

App Designer Icon Explorer Scroll (11-18535)

Category and icon lists in the Web App Designer Icon Explorer were not scrollable.

App Designer Icon Explorer Categories (12-18535)

Unused categories in Web App Designer Icon Explorer, was not hidden properly. On hover each hidden category would be outlined.

App Designer Payload (14-18541)

The Ajax JSON Payload Reduce function in the Web App Designer did not transfer false values where true is default.

Launchpad Menu Width (15-18543)

If a launchpad layout was set with header width other that full screen, the top menu would not follow the header width.

Mobile Client Formatters on iOS (17)

If "Rememeber me" was enabled on mobile clients, the inital load would fail on iOS due to a Date formatter call. Also the inactivity timer in the mobile client would fail due to a data formatter.

App Designer Version Management (18)

When comparing an application version saved in Neptune DXP 6 with a version saved in Neptune DXP 22, there would be a lot of false positives due to the elimination of default values that was introduced in Neptune DXP 21.

OAuth 2.0 Authentication for Apple iPad (18019)

The new OAuth Authentication Type did not work for Apple iPads.

App Designer inactive menu items

It’s now easier to identify inactive menu items in the Web App Designer.

Launchpad Search Menu Items

The background color for menu items in the global search have been aligned across all themes.

Disable Launchpad Search

If the "Disable global search" setting is enabled in the Cockpit launchpad/mobile client settings, the global search field will now be hidden.

Favorite Widget Size Limit

Launchpad favorite widgets will now show more than 4 items.

UI5 Attributes

A few missing UI5 1.108 attributes has been added to the App Designer

  • Davide Lilla

  • Hans Rusten Wang

  • Stanley Wong

  • Maximilian Schaufler

  • Erik Jeffreys

  • Michael Calmer Schmidt

  • Andreas Reichert