DXP21.10.0011 Changelog

June 01, 2022

Set CurrentApp & CurrentView when closing tiles. AppCache.Load in standalone applications. AppCache.Home & AppCache.Back will now close dialogs. AppCache.Home & AppCache.Back in standalone applications. Reload launchpad when user change language. Multiple calls to the beforeDisplay event handler. Launchpad header visibility. sap.n.Launchpad.getHideHeader. ModelData data check. Spelling in Cockpit Services. Media Library JS content type. App Width in Neptune launchpad. neptune.ValueHelpField does not return all components in "F4KEY". Change password in launchpad.


Set CurrentApp & CurrentView when closing tiles (17519)

When a tile is closed and another application view opened from a tile is present in the navigation stack, this application will be displayed when closing the tile. Now AppCache.CurrentApp & sap.n.currentView will be updated with the new app/view ID in sap.n.Shell.closeTile.

AppCache.Load in standalone applications

When opening a Neptune application from within another application that is not running in the Neptune launchpad, the application must be loaded into a parent object or in a dialog. If neither of these options are provided in the AppCache.Load configuration object, the default behaviour will now be to open the application in a dialog.

AppCache.Home & AppCache.Back will now close dialogs

AppCache.Home will now close all dialogs, AppCache.Back will close one dialog.

AppCache.Home & AppCache.Back in standalone applications

AppCache.Home & AppCache.Back have been moved to the global AppCache script section, so that you can call AppCache.Home & AppCache.Back from standalone applications. The functions will not do much, only close open dialogs. AppCache.Home will close all dialogs, AppCache.Back will close one dialog.

Reload launchpad when user change language (17355)

The URL parameter sap-language is set by the Neptune Server in most cases when a user logs in. If the user changes the language in the launchpad, the URL parameter sap-language was not changed. Now the whole launchpad is reloaded with new sap-language URL parameter set. The user has to accept the reload in a dialog, so that unsaved data is not lost.

Multiple calls to the beforeDisplay event handler (17336)

When displaying an app using the navigation items in the left navigation bar, the beforeDisplay event handlers would be called twice.

Launchpad header visibility (17454)

When loading applications using AppCache.Load, you can set the parameter hideHeader, which will hide the launchpad header when the application is visible. New in DXP21 Patch11 is, that if the launchpad header is hidden already, you don’t need to specify this in AppCache.Load, the new opened app will also have the header hidden. Navigating back using AppCache.Back have also been improved, so that the state of the header visibility will be sustained.

sap.n.Launchpad.getHideHeader (17454)

We’ve added a utility function you can use to query if the launchpad header is hidden. You can use this info if you want to hide the launchpad header dynamically in applications loaded with AppCache.Load:

AppCache.Load("YOUR_APP", {
    hideHeader: sap.n.Launchpad.getHideHeader()
ModelData data check (17343)

In some of the ModelData object functions, the check for data existence has been updated to use Array.isArray.

Spelling in Cockpit Services (17328)

A few spelling errors have been corrected in the Cockpit Theme Service and in the Cockpit Launchpad Layout Service .

Media Library JS content type (17375)

When storing Javascript files in the Cockpit Media Library, the correct content type application/javascript is now added when serving the .js files from the ABAP server.

App Width in Neptune launchpad

When setting a custom launchpad content width in the applied launchpad layout configuration and setting the configuration that will let loaded applications use the same width, didn’t work in all scenarios.

neptune.ValueHelpField does not return all components in "F4KEY" (17406)

Components of a Searchhelp that have been flagged as Export Parameter but were not returned in the List Output ( SHLPLISPOS = 0) have not been added to the F4KEY Component that concatenates all Export Parameters with ':'. Now also those Export parameters will be added to F4KEY.

PWA with external alias (17427)

The external alias was not used in the bootstrap ("/neptune/server/sapui5/1.71/resources/sap-ui-core.js"), and was also missing in AppCache.getView.

Change password in launchpad (17441)

When trying to change the user password in the launchpad, this error message would be displayed across an otherwise blank white screen: "400 Session timed out - please log in again".


  • Maximilian Schaufler

  • Martin Sommer

  • Daniela Pascoal

  • Miquel Jardí Baños

  • Jurijs Pasedko

  • René Osterland

  • Francesco Puglisi

  • Ivan Skrabo

  • Christof Veratschnig

  • Oliver Hütköper