DXP21.10.0008 Changelog

March 10, 2022

Change password in mobile client. Push notifications. Incorrect password in mobile client locking user. Disappearing tile image icons. Loading of stored split views. Belize Plus theme.


Change password in mobile client (17052)

In cases where the SAP server did not allow the user to change password, the user could be locked when trying to change the password. This could happen for instance if the SAP system was configured to only allow one password change each day, and the user tried to change password a second time. Now the behaviour is the same as in SAP GUI where the user is informed about why the password cannot be changed, and is then only authenticated instead of being presented the "Change password" screen.

Push notifications (17045)

The default plugin when enabling push notifications with Firebase is now replaced. For new builds cordova-plugin-firebasex is replaced by @havesource/cordova-plugin-push. If your push enabled mobile client build was failing, this plugin incompatibility might have been the reason why.

Incorrect password in mobile client locking user (17070)

In a system configured to allow 5 incorrect password attempts, the user would lock out already after three attempts. This happened because the counter for incorrect passwords was increased twice for each attempt after the initial attempt. Unnecessary additional network calls to clear the MYSAPSSO2 cookie has now been removed.

Disappearing tile image icons (17064)

When reloading a mobile client, custom tile image icons would not be rendered from the base64 image object, but from the MIME repository instead, which is not available on the mobile client.

Loading of stored split views (17112)

When a split view was created in a Neptune Launchpad, and the option to open the splitview at startup would be set, the loading would fail.

Belize Plus theme (17115)

The Belize Plus SAP UI5 Theme, will now act as a proper dark theme.


  • Robert Gollesch

  • Franco Giampapa

  • Michael Opoczynski

  • Thomas Mouritsen

  • Imants Moļavins

  • Oliver Hütköper