DXP21.10.0010 Changelog

April 22, 2022

Plugins in mobile client. Chrome debug breakpoints. Cockpit Translation. Media files in root folder. Syntax check when setting new launchpad. Launchpad translation. Corrections /NEPTUNE/ABAP_REPORT. German Logon Screen Labels. Backslashes are lost in API Calls with Query Parameter. Wrong RECEIVE model in extension app when extended with A (add). App designer - Performance issue after opening the Explored tab. Using PDF Viewer in Fiori Launchpad.


Plugins in mobile client

When specifying own versions of plugins that are added by default according to Cockpit settings, there is now a check for duplicates so the config.xml only will contain the custom entry. Examples of these are plugins for push notification, certificate logon, faceid and fingerprint.

Chrome debug breakpoints (16985)

In recent Chrome versions, the remote breakpoints would be off by a couple of lines.

Cockpit Translation (17189)

The "Translate Cockpit Objects" service, did not transfer mobile client and launchpad names correctly when uploading and saving translations.

Media files in root folder (17223)

It’s not possible to upload media to the media library folder in the main Media Library Cockpit Service. But in the dialog in the cockpit where it’s possible to add media, there’s an upload button that allowed the developer to upload media to the root folder. This option has now been disabled. Media already uploaded to the root folder will still be available.

Syntax check when setting new launchpad (17295)

When an old launchpad/mobile client which does not use the Neptune Standard Launchpad is open in the Neptune Cockpit, the cockpit will ask the developer to change the launchpad to either the Neptune Standard Launchpad or an enhancement of Neptune Standard Launchpad. After setting the launchpad app, the system did perform a syntax check, any error in the syntax check would block the saving of the new launchpad app. Now the syntax check is bypassed for this single save operation.

Launchpad translation (17264)

German translation for the following fields have been changed:

"Speichern" instead of "Sparen" in launchpad save favorites button.

Corrections /NEPTUNE/ABAP_REPORT (17216 & 17242 )

Selection Screen Search helps of type "Fixed Values" are now supported. There was a bug that Search Helps of type "Check Table" (CH) sometimes didn’t show the result values in the result list. Also sap.m.TimePicker Inputs have had a wrong valueFormat. Date and Time Selection Screen input fields sometimes have not been recognized as such. If the Report has various Selection Screen Variants assigned you would have always seend the last variant values when opening the Tile initially (that has been returned in the GET /programDefaults endpoint). The Range Value management did not work always properly especially when using Queries or Quick Views (SQVI). All of this is now resolved.

German Logon Screen Labels (17225)

The German Translations are now aligned with the SAP Standard Logon Screen Labels.

Backslashes are lost in API Calls with Query Parameter (17246)

When an API Call has been performed that had a clike query parameter and in its value there were backslashes. Those were lost. Now the proper value is received in the API Class.

Wrong RECEIVE model in extension app when extended with A (add) (17257)

When you have been using an Extension App that overwrote an AJAX ID call (Change) which had another object assigned in the RECEIVE models that has had an "Add" Extension this model would have received a value as "null". Now the proper value is returned.

App designer - Performance issue after opening the Explored tab (17217)

When you’ve had the "Explored Tab" opened in the Web App Designer and clicked on it again the App designer was getting unresponsive and CPU Load went to 100%. The underlying endless loop has now been resolved.

PDF Viewer (neptune.PDFViewer) (17260&17284)

There was an issue with zooming and loading of content in the Neptune PDF Viewer. This has been corrected in the PDFView.js library.

Using PDF Viewer in Fiori Launchpad (17312)

The Javascript preload file did not include the PDFJS library Global Worker Option Source. So an app with the PDF View enabled would not run.

Logoff in mobile client

For certain authentication types there could be an issue with clearing cookies when logging off in the mobile client if the pincode feature was not activated. This would apply for authentication methods Native, Okta, SAML, Portal, Form Based, Microsoft Azure and Custom.


  • Jurijs Pasedko

  • Erik Jeffreys

  • Dennis Deile

  • Loris Corona

  • Yves Ruehrdich

  • Alexandra Leitenberger

  • Maximilian Schaufler

  • João Nobre