DXP21.10.0019 Changelog

February 24, 2023

Missing http error if launchpad provided but not exists. Cockpit XML Import. Syntax error during import of Neptune-DXP-21.10.0018 with SAP BASIS 7.01. Android engine. Maintenance Views. SAP GUI App Designer Personal Settings. SAP GUI 7.70 EDGE as Browser Control. GUI Designer mIssing objects in library tree. Custom UI5 Control. Block mobile clients based on DXP version. Windows Mobile Client Icon & Splash. Launchpad Splash Delay. Hide Splash in PWA with Start App. neptune.UserDefault number grouping/decimals. Empty Application CSS. AppCache.Back Focus. Notification Service Worker. Show password translation. PDFView frezes after loading an invalid PDF file. PDFView.Show src options. Migrate Launchpad. Deletion of Ajax Data Parameter.


Missing http error if launchpad provided but not exists (18642)

When a Launchpad HTTP Header has been provided (NeptuneLaunchpad) but the corresponding launchpad doesn’t exist now we return a 400 Bad Request HTTP Response.

Cockpit XML Import might fail when importing XML from DXP 6 ⇐ to >= DXP 21 (18638)

When Importing an XML File that has been created from DXP6 "Export" Cockpit function into a >= DXP 21 System via the Cockpit "Import" function you might have gotten an error and no changes would show up. This was related to a shorteing of certain fields and would eventually lead to a CX_SY_CONVERSION_DATA_LOSS exception in call transformation id. This now has been resolved.

Syntax error during import of Neptune-DXP-21.10.0018 with SAP BASIS 7.01 (18897)

When Importing DXP 21.10.0018 you could get a syntax error during import when running SAP BASIS 7.01 stating: /NEPTUNE/CL_SWAGGER_TEST The reference to a test class (identification with FOR TESTING) is only possible in test classes.

This is related to a Unit Test Class and non critical. We resolved this anyhow.

Android engine (2)

It is now possible to specify the cordova android engine that should be used when generating the mobile client. This setting can be found in Neptune Cockpit → Mobile Client → Device → Preferences, in the Android section.

Maintenance Views (1-18443)

Two new transactions will allow you to make changes to the tables that control UI5 versions and system settings for the Neptune cockpit. These transactions are a last resort if you can not access the Neptune cockpit for some reason.

SAP GUI App Designer Personal Settings

In the GUI App Designer, there are now available the GUI Personal Settings that were only available in the Web App Designer. Changing these settings will require a transaction restart.

21 10 19 patch main 0
SAP GUI 7.70 EDGE as Browser Control (9-18586)

From SAP GUI version 7.70 patch 3, when using the Browser control as EDGE, in the GUI App Designer, when closing script files that contained large coding, a dump would occur. This has now been fixed.

21 10 19 patch main 1
GUI Designer missing objects in library tree (21-18861)

When setting the UI5 version for the app. some objects in some libraries, like sap.f or the custom components, were removed when they shouldn’t due to a bug in the version comparison.

Custom UI5 Control (23-18874)

The true object type of custom UI5 control will now be shown in the Gui Designer. Custom UI5 controls will now be properly created in the applications they are used.

21 10 19 patch main 2
Block mobile clients based on DXP version (2-18460)

When a Neptune Mobile Client is created, the Neptune DXP version is burned into the client. You can now check access in Neptune policies based on the molbile client build version. So, if you are in a transition phase where new mobile clients are rolled out, you can block aceess to mobile clients that was built on previous DXP versions.

Windows Mobile Client Icon & Splash (3-18509)

When building a Windoes mobile client in the Neptune cockpit, icon and splash are no longer added to the config.xml.

Launchpad Splash Delay (5-18420)

When unlocking a mobile client/PWA using the pincode, the launchpad splash screen is displayed. The splash screen is hidden automatically if the logon process takes too long. The timeout was set to 10 seeconds, a little too short for some scenarios. The AppCache.splashDelay property has been introduced to control the timeout. Default is set to 60 seconds (60000 ms), the AppCache.splashDelay value can be changed in the "Before Display enhancement spot.

Hide Splash in PWA with Start App (8-18595)

In launchpad PWAs with a custom start application, the splash screen would be hidden before the start app view was fully loaded, exposing the pincde screen. This would confuse the enduser, making them entering the pincode again.

neptune.UserDefault number grouping/decimals (10-18628)

When running a PWA offline, neptune.UserDefault.numberGrouping & neptune.UserDefault.numberDecimal were not read from cache, resulting in failing number formatters using neptune.Formatter in input fields.

Empty Application CSS (12-18648)

When deleting all CSS from an application, the Neptune table containing the style data will be deleted, but the generated app.css file would not be updated.

AppCache.Back Focus (15-18672)

When navigating back in the list of AppCacheNav pages (apps & screens), the screen scroll position was not always maintained. In some cases the top of the screen would be shown instead of the position before an application was opened. Setting AppCacheNav.autoFocus to false solved the issue.

Notification Service Worker (16-18756)

In a desktop launchpad with notifications enabled, a service worker was registered if the launchpad was running on a mobile device. The service worker was a left over from previous launchpad versions and has no function. It has now been removed.

Show password translation (17-18773)

In the ABAP logon screen, the "Show Password" text was not translated.

PDFView freezes after loading an invalid PDF file (18-18753)

When an invalid PDF file was loaded into the neptune.PDFView, the PDFView would not be able to load any new documents.

PDFView.Show src options (19-18772)

When using the neptune.PDFView UI5 control, PDFView.Show is used to display a PDF file. Before it was only possible to add 2 parameters to the neptune.PDFView.Show function:

PDFView.Show(pdfData, wrapperId);

Now all parameters defined in getDocument from PDFJS can be used. Possible options are documented in the PDFView.Show code declaration.

// Using raw PDF data
    data: "JVBERi0xLjcNCiW1...",
    wrapper: myPDFView.getId(),
    disableFontFace: true
// Using PDF URL
    url: "http(s)://<server>/<path>.pdf",
    wrapper: myPDFView.getId(),
    disableFontFace: true
Migrate Launchpad (20-18384)

Launchpads using the old NEPTUNE_LAUNCHPAD_DESKTOP & NEPTUNE_LAUNCHPAD_MOBILE, must begin to use NEPTUNE_LAUNCHPAD_STANDARD or an extension of this in DXP21. Older launchpad that use the older launchpad application and have tiles bound directly to it, can be migrated to use the new NEPTUNE_LAUNCHPAD_STANDARD. This migration process is now more accurate, it will convert parent tiles into tilegroups and add subtiles to the new tilegroup. Exporting launchpads will now add all dependent tiles added to launchpads using the old NEPTUNE_LAUNCHPAD_DESKTOP & NEPTUNE_LAUNCHPAD_MOBILE applications.

Deletion of Ajax Data Parameter (22-18868)

The data parameter in Neptune Ajax calls was deleted when all the models had been updated. Some customers did abuse the data parameter for custom purposes. So, the data parameter will no longer be deleted. It is absolutely not recommended to use the Ajax success handler data parameter, please query the proper model data instead.


  • Jurijs Pasedko

  • Ricardo Barbosa Ferreira

  • Anil Pazhampurakkal

  • Maximilian Schaufler

  • Soeren Baek

  • Hans Rusten Wang

  • Stefan Grundmann

  • Steve Campbell

  • Thomas Klaus

  • Markus Reich

  • Serdar Kabasakal

  • Lydia Haller

  • Omer Greenfeld

  • Tony Morellet

  • Pradeep Sankar