DXP21.10.0009 Changelog

March 17, 2022

Preview button. PWA/Mobile Client with single app. AppSync syntax error. Launchpad name & description. Recommended UI5 version. Focus on clickable tiles. Input field binding when format options is used. ModelData.ConvertFlatToNested. Launchpad pincode checked marking. sap.n.Cockpit.columnConfig.systemSorter. LowerCase not contemplated for RFC during API Calls.


Preview button

The preview button is returning to the Neptune Cockpit Mobile Client Service.

PWA/Mobile Client with single app (17148)

If a mobile client or PWA only runs a single app (custom start application), the app would not load if the mobile client/PWA were in offline mode. A symptom is that the mobile client/PWA is stuck on the pincode screen.

AppSync syntax error (17149)

When running an application with sync enabled, there was an uncaught "Unexpected identifier" syntax error in the minified source code.

Launchpad name & description (17123)

You can now read the launchpad/mobile client name & description from the AppCache object:


Recommended UI5 version (17129)

When running a desktop launchpad/PWA the recommended UI5 version is the online CDN version. In mobile clients, the recommended UI5 version is the locally installed UI5 version. This is now reflected in the UI5 version popup window in the Neptune Cockpit Launchpad & Mobile Client Services.

Focus on clickable tiles (17125)

Clickable tiles without an action button, were not accessible for keyboard users. Now a proper button role, ARIA description and tabindex, will be added to clickable tiles, making them very accessible in the DOM. Both classic Fiori tiles and modern card tiles that are clickable, will get the new treatment.

Input field binding when format options is used (17132)

When adding a format option in for of a valueObject on a sap.m.Input field, all attributes would be bound with an incorrect syntax.

ModelData.ConvertFlatToNested (17136)

The DXP21 convert flat to nested functions used the more strict !== comparator. This excluded a few scenarios where parent nodes were not empty but initial, like a string with only zeros "000000000". Now the more loose != comparator from DXP6 is used instead.

Launchpad pincode checked marking

When entering a pincode in a PWA or Mobile Client, the marking for each number at the top was done by using a pseudo button with a timeout. This resulted in markings that was not removed when entering a faulty pincode.


In the Neptune Cockpit, some of the tables are sorted and grouped using sap.n.Cockpit.columnConfig.systemSorter. Ascending and Descending was switched.

LowerCase not contemplated for RFC during API Calls (17122)

RFC Destinations with lowercase characters didn’t work for API calls. This is now resolved.


  • Kondal Polasani

  • Ricardo van Wamel

  • Pradeep Sankar

  • Oliver Hütköper

  • Daniel Gjelstad

  • Erik Jeffreys