DXP21.10.0018 Changelog

December 13, 2022

SQLite on iOS. Update dynamic tiles with the number. GUI Designer App Flow. AppStorage setCache on detroyed models. UI5 version in Neptune Cockpit. Old Icon Explorer. Okta session timeout in mobile clients.


SQLite on iOS (1-18367)

The AppStorage._AppCache_GetCache_DB & AppStorage._AppCache_SetCache_DB was missing a check for SQLite plugin.

Update dynamic tiles with the number 0 (4-18349)

When updating a dynamic tile with a number = 0, the tile update function sap.n.Launchpad.UpdateTileInfo, would treat the value as inital and skip the update.

GUI Designer App Flow (5-18407)

An arrow function had been introduced to the AppStorage script, which is not compatible with SAP GUI versions running IE as browser engine.

AppStorage setCache on detroyed models (6-18091,18361)

Developers should always take measures to ensure that data is not lost if the connection to the backend ABAP system is lost, or if a user atempts to close an application in the middle of an online operation. A failsafe mechanism has been introduced to ensure that data can be stored to cache on data models that no longer has a connection to an open application. So, even if a user closes an application in the middle of an online Ajax operation, data in the HTTP response will be save to the fronend offline database.

UI5 version in Neptune Cockpit

The default way of loading UI5 has been changed to use the locally installed UI5 library of version 1.71. Up until now the most recent CDN version of 1.71 has been used. As older CDN versions are removed frequently, it is a more stable solution to use the locally installed UI5 library, especially if Neptune DXP is not patched on a regular basis.

Old Icon Explorer (3-18402)

When launching the Icon Explorer from SAP GUI App Designer with the "Old Editor" setting, it is now launched and working properly in an external browser.

Okta session timeout in mobile clients (7-18406)

When the MYSAPSSO2 cookie or session was no longer valid, there could be situations where the app would be stuck when attempting to perform new ajax calls. As long as the user is already authenticated in the mobile client, there will now be performed an automatic reauthentication which will issue a new session/MYSAPSSO2 cookie.