DXP21.10.0022 Changelog

April 24, 2024

Rich Text Editor Buttons. Rich Text Editor Theme Support. Native re-authentication. "Remote Debug" might lead to an error. Config XML not deleted. Error caused by objects in Resources folder. Default Theme. Dump in case of deleted MultiModel reference. /NEPTUNE/CL_NAD_SERVER→API_MESSAGE_CREATE will bring the message in JSONH format to the front end. GUI App Designer model data formatting. MIME folders not added to transport request when deleting an application. OpenAPI Spec missing Parameters of Interface Methods. SQLite/WebSQL. API Factory calls fail in Swagger UI


Rich Text Editor Buttons (21014)

Button configuration was not applied in applications using the Rich Text Editor UI5 control.

Rich Text Editor Theme Support

The Rich Text Editor will now adopt the applied UI5 theme in all fields and setting menus.

Mobile Client

Native re-authentication (3-20749)

With the Authentication option "Native" an improvement has been implemented to handle the expiration of logon sessions. When an Ajax call fails because re-authentication is needed, the user will stay in the same app/screen after the necessary re-authentication has been completed. A message is provided to inform that re-authentication was successful, and the last performed action must be repeated.

"Remote Debug" might lead to an error (20978)

If you have "Remote Debug" enabled and call console.log with either an undefined or no argument you would have gotten a JavaScript error. This is now resolved.

Config XML not deleted (21-21318)

If a mobile client that had content in the config XML tab was deleted, the content of the config XML was not deleted. If then a new mobile client was created with the same ID as the previously deleted mobile client, it would fetch the content of the old config XML.

App Designer

Error caused by objects in Resources folder (4-20884)

When objects were added to the resources folder and the checkbox "Do not add to View, only declare" was not ticked, the error "DOM element with ID 'Resources' not found in page, but application tries to insert content." would occur when running the application. This has now been fixed.

Default Theme

The theme requirement have been removed. An app with no theme set, will run with the default theme defined by the UI5 version:

  • UI5 1.71: Quartz Light

  • UI5 1.108: Horizon Morning

  • UI5 1.120: Horizon Morning

Dump in case of deleted MultiModel reference

If you are using a MultiModel in an Attribute Binding and deleted the MultiModel afterward, you would have gotten a dump during runtime "App Object XXXXX does not exist in App YYYYYY".

/NEPTUNE/CL_NAD_SERVER→API_MESSAGE_CREATE will bring the message in JSONH format to the front end (18-21234)

When using the /neptune/cl_nad_server→api_message_create method to bring messages to the front end we serialized the message as JSONH. When only using a neptune.MessageArea object in the app to handle the messages there are no issues. However, if you were accessing the messages with property data.customerMessage then the payload might have been different compared to the response from Neptune DXP SAP Edition Version 6. We now return a plain JSON for the messages so the payload type is aligned with the old approach.

GUI App Designer model data formatting

Some formatting settings made in the data binding formatter dialog in the GUI App Designer was lost when saving the app in the Web App Designer.

MIME folders not added to transport request when deleting an application (23-21344)

During the deletion process of an application, when deleting the relevant MIME objects for that application, all files would be deleted and added to the transport request, except for the folders inside the main folder, usually this would mean the css folder.

API Designer

OpenAPI Spec missing Parameters of Interface Methods (9-20912)

When defining an API in the API Designer with a method that is implemented by an interface, the importing parameters of that interface method would not have been reflected in the OpenAPI/Swagger specification (both 2.0 and 3.0) and thus not showing these parameters in Swagger UI.


With the deprecation of WebSQL we now have SQLite via WASM as the new solution. The current approach is to only use the OPFS filesystem to persist the data. This introduces new HTTP Response Header Fields (Cross-Origin-Opener-Policy & Cross-Origin-Embedder-Policy). These might lead to problems when you want to embed an iFrame with a different origin. In addition to OPFS, there are further storage options that we introduce with this new patch:

  • OPFS Shared Access Handle (SAH)

  • Memory in the Main Thread

  • Memory in the Worker Thread

You can learn more about the new Storage Options in our blog https://community.neptune-software.com/topics/planet-8/blogs/chrome-removes-websql below section SQLite types (storage options)

API Factory

API Factory calls fail in Swagger UI

With version 21.10.0021 there has been a bug introduced that might have led to API Factory calls perform HTTP scheme calls instead of HTTPS.