DXP21.10.0016 Changelog

October 27, 2022

Formatter duplication. Rendering of square brackets in DDIC texts. Special chars in mobile client name. UI5 objects in resources folder. Load live tilegroup applications. Deletion of data when pincode is enter wrong too many times. Translation not loaded in Web App Designer. Theme logo not loaded. AppStorage fallback.


Formatter duplication (1-18103)

When inserting more than one application building block, any code present on the formatter events of the objects would be duplicated. This bug has now been corrected.

Rendering of square brackets in DDIC texts (2-18106)

If a dictionary object text was used in an application and the text includes square brackets [], the launchpad would crash when rendering the application view.

Special chars in mobile client name (3-18082)

The mobile client name is used for filename and elsewhere in th mobile client build process. The name field was missing a regular expression removing special characters.

UI5 objects in resources folder (4-18042)

In the SAP GUI App Designer is now possible to edit the flag "Do not add to view, only declare" of objects that are present under the resources' folder. This will allow us to store "hidden" objects under the Resources section of the app, and invoke and show them in the app when needed.

Load live tilegroup applications (5-17863)

Live tilegroup applications would not load initially, if they did not have a semantic navigation object assigned.

Deletion of data when pin code is entered wrong too many times (6-18131)

If a user enters a pin code in a PWA or Mobile Client, all cached data would be deleted. That is not good in a multi-user scenario! Now only the userdata is cleared when a user enters a pincode wrong too many times. The user will have to log in, but any offline data will still be ready for use.

Translation not loaded in Web App Designer (7-18134)

When loading multiple applications in one instance of the Web App Designer, translations would not be loaded correctly.

Theme logo not loaded (8-18178)

Logos added in a custom UI5 Theme was not read from the theme. Themes will have to be re-imported to work.

AppStorage fallback (10-18194)

If one of the Neptune Launchpad IndexedDB databases for some reason crashes, we’ve added a failsafe solution to catch the error, open the database and perform the failing operation again.


  • Maximilian Schaufler

  • Premkumar Haribabu

  • Tobias Schießl

  • Quentin Prevot

  • Christian Wolfsgruber

  • Sushant Ranade