DXP21.10.0017 Changelog

November 16, 2022

Launchpad empty menu error. SQLite on iOS. Select text in Rich Text Editor. neptune.Splash is not hidding. Debug files in PWA. Backup Program.


Launchpad empty menu error (1-18234)

In some very rare usecases, the sap.n.Launchpad.menuSub object would be accessed even though its empty.

SQLite on iOS (2-18180,18212)

Using the Neptune AppSync Framework for large data amounts uses the WebSQL database. On iOS the SQLite plugin is needed. This plugin was not always initialized correctly, making the AppSync Framework fallback to IndexedDB leading to poor performance.

Select text in Rich Text Editor (3-18239)

Text was not selectable in the Neptune Rich Text Editor control when the editor was in read-only-mode.

neptune.Splash is not hidding (4-18246)

In rare cases with custom JS libraries loaded, the Neptune splashscreen did not hide.

Debug files in PWA (5- 16769)

Debug files are now loaded permanently when adding the URL parameter "neptune-ui-debug" to the PWA URL.

Backup Program

The program /NEPTUNE/BACKUP was created to allow the creation of a backup of all the /NEPTUNE/* tables. For more information about this, please check the documentation here. We recommend using this backup tool before upgrading to a new major version (i.e. upgrade to DXP 22).


  • Akshat Abhaykumar

  • Robert Gollesch

  • Ro HyunJI

  • Sushant Ranade