DXP21.10.0006 Changelog

February 06, 2022

Request parameter in menu enhancement spots. Favorite button visibility. Launchpad CSS in Internet Explorer. Tilegroup with live application. Last seen date not updated. Loading launchpad with tilegroup hash navigation. Splash screen image loading on mobile. Editable property on the UI5 Form object. Remove Most Used button. Icon in dynamic numeric classic tiles. Missing "72-Font" files. Update launchpad when language changes. Custom Logon Init function not defined. Syntax-check in App Designer. Initially created Launchpad is not accessible. SAP GUI App Designer Dynpro "FIELDNAME" length increased. CSRF in mobile client. GUI Designer allow ICF SubNode to run in Browser. Tile Config - Action Type - ABAP Report - Report Variant - F4 Error. Authentication using personal certificates on iOS. Duplicates translations when using custom launchpad as extension. Media library refresh. Translation of SAP fields. Missing code for enhancement spot "Before Logon". Abbreviations in Launchpad nav objects. AJAX timeout when deleting theme. Keyboard events on navigation items.


Request parameter in menu enhancement spots (16801)

The Neptune Request object is now parsed onto the before and after enhancement spots, you can implement to manipulate collection of data in the /NEPTUNE/CL_NAD_APPCACHE→GET_MENU_LIST method.

Favorite button visibility (16817)

The logic behind the display of the favorite button was not correct when navigating using the AppCache. Back and AppCache.Home functions.

Launchpad CSS in Internet Explorer (16821)

The CSS used in the launchpad for IE has been refined to display the newer smaller tile sizes. A bug where the settings menu button would not be displayed initially has also been solved.

Tilegroup with live application (16829)

A tilegroup with a live application would not be loaded if the launchpad URL included a hash navigation directly to an application.

Last seen date not updated (16847)

When unlocking a mobile client or PWA, the last seen date was not updated.

Loading launchpad with tilegroup hash navigation (16863)

Loading a launchpad with tilegroup hashnavigation would result in a Javascript error when loading for the very first time.

Splash screen image loading on mobile (16846)

When using a custom splash screen in mobile clients, the splash screen images was being loaded from URL and not from the base64 image library.

Editable property on the UI5 Form object (16857)

The editable property on the UI5 object sap.ui.layout.form.Form had a wrong default value, resulting in misplaced labels in the form.

Remove Most Used button always visible (16843)

Even though no tilegroup was enabled to show most used tiles, the remove from most used button would always be visible in the user menu.

Icon in dynamic numeric classic tiles (16818)

The new settings for icon placement, where default is below title to the right would not be rendered in dynamic numeric tiles with classic dynamic content.

Missing "72-Font" files in custom themes based on UI5 1.71 (16824)

In the custom themes created using the SAP UI Theme Designer in UI5 1.71, there are CSS style sheets that expects to find the "72-Font" files in the custom theme folder structure. The missing font files will now be added to the MIME repository by the Neptune Cockpit Theme Import Service. Delete your theme and import it again to get the missing font files added to the MIME repository.

Update launchpad when language changes (16895)

If a user changes SAP default language in SU3 or in another launchpad, the changes would not be reflected in a PWA/Mobile Client where the user is already logged in. Now a PWA/Mobile Client will detect that the SAP Default Language has been changed and reload the PWA/mobile client with updated content. PWA/Mobile Client content will only be reloaded if the language setting is set to "SAP User Default" and where the user cannot choose language.

Custom Logon Init function not defined (16926)

When enabling custom logon in a mobile client, the AppCacheLogonCustom.Init function would be defined in the wrong scope, making it inaccessible to the launchpad code.

Syntax-check in App Designer can’t be solved (16812)

With Neptune DXP - SAP Edition 21 Patch 3 we introduced a new syntax which gave an error when you send multiple models assigned to the same public attribute. There were cases where this syntax check brought an error message even though the situation was ok.

Initially created Launchpad is not accessible (16842)

When creating a new launchpad and directly opening it and not saving it at least once, the error "No access to this launchpad". would be thrown. When creating the launchpad the default "VISIBLE_TO_ALL" switch was not set to true which should be the default value.

SAP GUI App Designer Dynpro "FIELDNAME" length increased (16732)

The Dynprofield GV_SCREEN_CONTENT-FIELD_NAME of Dynpro 2002 has been increased from 35 Characters to 50 since the database field also can accept 50 characters.

CSRF does not work on mobile client (16848)

When using a mobile client, either in a multi client SAP landscape, or with Portal authentication, CSRF Protection didn’t work.

GUI Designer. Allow ICF SubNode. Run in Browser (16917)

When using "Run in Browser" button in the SAP GUI App Designer, the setting "Allow ICF SubNode" and SAPUI5 Language" are now added to the preview URL.

Tile Config - Action Type - ABAP Report - Report Variant - F4 Error (16930)

When you want to configure a Report Variant in the Tile Configuration Action Tab (Action Type "ABAP Report") and access the cockpit without the &sap-client query parameter in the URL then you would get a 401 Unauthorized error messages when you searched for Report Variants. This is now resolved.

Authentication using personal certificates on iOS

A new plugin is required to support certificate logon on iOS with WKWebView: @brodybits/cordova-plugin-ios-xhr. This plugin is now included by default instead of @castana/cordova-plugin-ios-xhr during the build process when building iOS apps that has enabled "Certificate logon" as authentication method.

Duplicates translations when using custom launchpad as extension (16915)

In case default application texts (usually written in English) have been translated into English again using the translation tool in the App Designer, both texts appeared in the application translation used for the Mobile Client builds. Now only one text will be returned (per field and language) with priority for an explicit translation.

Media library refresh

Media files can be uploaded and deleted from many places in the Neptune cockpit. Now the media library will reflect these changes directly.

Translation of SAP fields (16942)

You can use SAP field labels in your Neptune applications and let SAP take care of translation. SAP field labels will begin with a ~sign, like ~MATNR. The translation can be overridden in the App Designer if the SAP translation is not fitting. In the Neptune Cockpit App Designer, the overridden values would not be read when returning to the application.

Missing code for enhancement spot "Before Logon" (16921)

When implementing the enhancement spot "Before Logon", the custom code was not added to the generated Launchpad and Mobile Client code.

Abbreviations in Launchpad nav objects

You can now enable abbreviations in launchpad navigation objects. Open the cockpit launchpad service and find the "Active Apps Display" settings. When you enable "Pin active apps to the left side bar", the "Show title abbreviation together with icon" setting will visible.

AJAX timeout when deleting theme

Themes created using the SAP UI Theme Designer is getting bigger in UI5 1.96. The deletion of the UI5 Theme MIME files are now taking so long time that the process can timeout. The deletion is therefore started in the background. A progress bar will track the deletion progress. The Neptune Cockpit UI5 Theme Service will not block the whole UI, other cockpit services will be open while the deletion takes place. When the deletion is done, a popup will inform the user about this no matter which cockpit service is active.

Keyboard events on navigation items (15198)

If a launchpad is using navigation items in the left navigation panel for open applications, these navigation items can now be accessed using the keyboard. The navigation items are now added to the DOM tab structure, making it easier for keyboard users and hearing impaired users to use the Neptune launchpad in an effective way. See video.


  • Thomas Mouritsen

  • Jurijs Pasedko

  • Mats Rödholm

  • Ricardo van Wamel

  • Roy Kvarme

  • Manuel Stöckel

  • Hardy Schwenke

  • Jurijs Pasedko

  • Sagarika Gattu

  • Winnie Chang

  • Julia Frerking