Entity references

Purpose of entity references

In the Entity Reference Section you will find all the required Entity References defined by the metadata class with method: /NEPTUNE/IF_DYNAMIC_RESTAPI~GET_ENTITY_KEY_INFO which are needed for the API in order to be executed towards this special Entity. If this method also specifies a search help for the corresponding entity you will be able to search the entities with this search help.

Note: This section will only be visible when the Metadata class defines at least one Entity Reference.

You can then enter a Value for the corresponding Entity which will also adjust the URL for the Swagger UI in order to be targeted towards this Entity.

The enteres values are then validated with method /NEPTUNE/IF_DYNAMIC_RESTAPI~VALIDATE_ENTITY_KEY_INFO and meaningful error messages can be returned.

entityReferences ExampleKey


Example of the search help for "PROGRAM":

entityReferences ExampleProgram

Example of the value validation:

entityReferences ExampleValue