Edit screens, rearrange and resize tiles

Introduced in Neptune DXP 22

Users of the Neptune Launchpad can customize the user experience to their personal preferences. Users can rearrange and resize tiles on a screen, add new tiles to a screen, move tiles to other screens, rearrange screens add even add new screens to the launchpad. Each customization is tied to the username and the device type so that the same user can have different customizations on desktop browsers, tablets, and mobile phones. Customization works across regular launchpads, PWAs, and mobile clients.

Resize Tile

Users can right-click on devices with a mouse or do a long touch on touch devices. This brings up a menu, where one option is "Resize App".

edit screens tiles 1

When resizing is activated a resize icon appears in the lower right corner of the tile.

edit screens tiles 2

Information about all resized tiles will be stored in the SAP backend system, the user will get the same resizing customization each time they return to the launchpad on a device with similar features.

edit screens tiles 3

Move Tile

Users can choose to move a tile to another screen. When users right-click on devices with a mouse or do a long touch on touch devices, a menu is shown, where one option is "Move app to another screen".

edit screens tiles 4
edit screens tiles 5

Edit Screen

Users can right-click on devices with a mouse or do a long touch on touch devices. This brings up a menu, where one option is "Edit Screen".

edit screens tiles 6

Users can also find the "Edit Screen" option in the User Settings Menu:

edit screens tiles 7

Drag tiles to another place on the screen

When "Edit Screen" is active, all tiles will "Jiggle", users can then drag them to a new position. This works both on mouse and touch-based systems. To get out of the edit mode the user can click the "Done" button, or click/touch any area in the screen that is not a tile. Dragging tiles and scrolling in the launchpad on touch-based devices, uses the same gestures. To accommodate for this, the tile dragging area is a little offset towards the center of the tile. This leaves enough space to allow scrolling on touch-based devices.

edit screens tiles 8

Drag the tile to any group on the screen. The tile will immediately take on the settings for the group it’s dragged into. Here two tiles are dragged into a group set up with purple background.

edit screens tiles 9

Add new applications, URLs, and screens to the Launchpad

When screen editing is active, users can click the add button in the top left corner.

edit screens tiles 10
edit screens tiles 11

Users can then choose to add:

  • Application

  • URL

  • Screen

Add Application

When choosing to add a new application to a screen, the user is presented with a list of all available applications. Even applications from hidden groups will be visible. This is a great way to create a launchpad with the essential applications on the home screen, and then let users add lesser important applications as they wish.

Users can choose to see applications from a specific screen and search among them to narrow down the hit list.

edit screens tiles 12

Newly added applications will appear at the top of the screen in a special "Newly Added Applications" group. Users are then encouraged to drag the application to a suited group.

edit screens tiles 13

On the next reload of the application, the application will appear as the first tile in the first group if the user does ot move the tile to another group.

edit screens tiles 14


If the users have a report of some sort of anything else that can be accessed via a URL, the user can add a tile to the screen that will then open that URL. The user can add tile information that describes the URL action.

edit screens tiles 15
edit screens tiles 16

Add Screen

Users can add as many screens as they like:

edit screens tiles 17

New screen with some added applications:

edit screens tiles 18

Maintain Screens

When screen editing is active, users can click the "Screens" button in the top right corner.

edit screens tiles 19

This will open a dialog where screens can be rearranged.

edit screens tiles 20