Mobile Client Build using Neptune Mobile Build Service

Neptune Mobile Build Service is a new offering from Neptune. It is a free service where Neptune will build the hybrid mobile applications for you, using a full online and automated process.

How does it work?

You log on to the Neptune DXP Portal and enter the Neptune Mobile Build Service tile to create a new hybrid mobile application. When doing this, source file + certificates must be provided and uploaded to the Portal. These are the same files that you also had to upload to PhoneGap Build ad.

Neptune will use these files to build the respective installation files for the platforms that you selected (Android and/or iOS / Windows). These installation files are uploaded to the Neptune DXP Portal and made available for download by the customer.

What needs to be provided?

  • For all platforms:

    The file from Neptune. Cockpit → Run → Mobile Client → Build. Make sure all images for icons and splash screens are included. If images are left out, a new build needs to be performed.

  • For iOS:

    Provisioning Profile, .p12 file and password for .p12

  • For Android:

    Signing Certificate and password if the App is to be signed.


The installation files (.ipa, .apk and/or .appx) will be ready to download as soon as the automated build service is done.