Mobile Apps Auto-Update

It is important to distinguish between the different scenarios: changes in any Neptune/SAPUI5 app, in the mobile hybrid app, or in the Tiles / Launchpads.

Neptune/SAPUI5 App

Created using Neptune Cockpit , runs in browser/mobile hybrid app / Neptune Mobile Client, typically as a Tile in your Launchpads.

The Neptune AppCache framework ensures that, as long as the user has connectivity, the latest active version of each App is loaded in the browser / mobile hybrid client app, without the need of updating / installing the latest.

This means that as soon as you modify and activate a Neptune app, the latest version of the app will be loaded in the browser / mobile hybrid client app.  The second time you load the same app, it will be loaded from cache → allowing its offline usage.

Modifying a Neptune App does not require you to update the Mobile Client you use to consume its latest version.

EXCEPTION:  the only exception to this rule are changes made to NEPTUNE_LAUNCHPAD_MOBILE.  Changes to this Neptune-Core App will require you to re-build and re-deploy your Mobile Launchpad.

Mobile Hybrid Client App

Created using Cockpit & Adobe PhoneGap Build service, allows you to consume Neptune Launchpads and Apps on a mobile device.

Changes performed to the Mobile Launchpad regarding icons, plugins, permissions, logon, header, config.xml  will require you to rebuild and republish a new version of the Mobile Hybrid App.

In the Neptune Cockpit , all settings that you change in the first four tabs of your Launchpad (screenshot below) will require a new Build.


If you published your Mobile Launchpad (hybrid app) to Neptune Application Catalog and enabled Auto Update


The version which is marked as active (NAM - Launchpad) is the one which will be pushed to your mobile users, automatically when they Log-on / Unlock.



Tiles added/removed/changed in your mobile Launchpad will be reflected as soon as you logon - unlock (and have connectivity).

There is no need to update the Mobile Client Hybrid app in order to fetch the latest Tile changes.


External URLs - SAP Transactions - SAP Fiori Apps

Neptune AppCache caching mechanism is only applied for loading Neptune Apps.

If a Tile loads an external URL / SAP Transaction / SAP Fiori App, it will always do it online and get the latest available version from the corresponding source.