Downloading and installing Legacy Bundle Neptune DXP - SAP Edition Store items

Anything marked "Legacy Bundle" within the Neptune DXP Marketplace will require some additional manual steps to import into your SAP system.

These applications are provided on an 'As-Is' basis, so are no longer supported, or guaranteed to work out of the box.


View the GitHub repo linked to the Neptune DXP Marketplace product, and download the .zip files for the apps you want. each zip will contain the following 3 files:

  • HOW_TO_IMPORT text file

  • a Text file containing backend ABAP class source code

  • an XML file for the Application front-end

marketplace import legacy sap 1

The following are the steps to be performed for importing the apps along with back-end Application Class

In SAP back-end system, create a ABAP Class in using Class Builder (SE24). Make sure the name of the class is same as the text file containing the ABAP Source Code:

Click on 'Source Code Based' button to open code editor Paste the whole ABAP content and Activate.

Neptune App

In Neptune Application Designer, click on Application → Import from File

marketplace import legacy sap 2

and enter the XML file. Activate and your app should be ready to go.