Splash Screen

Splash screen designer for Neptune DXP launchpad

Before the launchpad loads, many processes are running in the launchpad. Especially if hash navigation is used with semantic objects and deep linking with hash parameters. In the split second where the launchpad is rendered for the first time, you can create splash screen that leads the user into the rich experience they’ll find in the Neptune DXP launchpad.

splash screen designer

You add the Splash Screen to directly to desktop launchpads:


Or to Neptune layouts, so that each layout can have its own splashscreen:

splash screen layout

You can create splash screens with these properties:

  • Logo

  • Background Color

  • Spinner Type

  • Spinner Color

  • Spinner Size, normal or bigger

Spinner Type: Wave (Bigger Spinner)

splash screen wave

Spinner Type: Bounce (Bigger Spinner)

splash screen bounce

Spinner Type: Chase (Bigger Spinner)

splash screen chase

Spinner Type: Three (Bigger Spinner)

splash screen three

Spinner Type: Circle (Bigger Spinner)

splash screen circle