Version Management


Generate a new version

Once an application is active, you can generate a new version by clicking on Application and then selecting Generate Version.

version management 0

You can also generate a version through the App Designer

In addition, every time a transport request is assigned to an application, a new version is automatically generated in the system.

Comparing versions

To access the Version Management section, click on Application in the menu and then select Version Management.

version management 1

The screen will be divided into two sections. The left side will display the current version of the application, while the right side will present a list from which any of the previous versions of the application can be selected.

version management 2

Color legend in objects comparison

Objects in the component tree will be highlighted with different colors based on a comparison between the current and previous versions.


There are differences in the object attributes between versions.


The object is new in the current version (and did not exist in the previous version).


The object existed in the previous version but has been deleted in the current version.


The object was disabled in the previous version.

Color legend in attributes comparison

Object attributes will be displayed in the following colors in order to show differences.


Attribute value did not change between previous and current version.


Attribute value changed between previous and current version.

In the example below, attribute title has changed while attribute visible has not.

version management 3

Script Comparison

The scripts in the application’s header, stylesheets, global scripts, manifest, and object events will be displayed side by side, highlighting any differences in the code using a light blue color.

version management 4

Download Previous Version

The selected previous version can be downloaded by clicking on

By importing the downloaded XML file, you will be restoring a previous version and making it the active one.