Create a mobile Client Build

In the following document it is shown how you can create a Mobile Client Build. This build can later be uploaded to our Neptune Mobile Build Service in our Neptune DXP Portal for you to create the app.

  1. In Mobile Client open the tab Build. Here you will find your already existing builds, if there are any. To create a new build you need to click Create new Build. mobile client build1

  2. This will open a popup asking you to define a semantic version number. Either use the suggested semantic or create your own semantic version number. After entering your semantic version number click Create Version. mobile client build2

  3. This will open up your "Build version" information. In the General tab you can document your changes and activate the specific build. Click Save to save your changes. mobile client build3

  4. In the tab App Files you can …​??? mobile client build4

  5. In the tab Build you can build your Cordova build. Click Build Cordova. This will open a popup asking you which platforms you want to target. Android, iOS or both. Here you have the possibility to create your Cordova Build with or without UI5. Choose accordingly. In a typical use case you would choose Build Cordova. mobile client build5

  6. The Build process will start, and you can see the progress in the "Progress" popup. This might take some minutes. After it is done the popup will close. mobile client build6

  7. You can now download the build by clicking Download. mobile client build7

  8. You can now upload the build to our Neptune Mobile Build Service in the Neptune DXP Portal.