Upgrading from UXP 4.x.x to Neptune DXP - SAP Edition

The last version of Neptune UXP, 4.4.0, was released in 2017. Since then, the platform has been upgraded and renamed to Neptune DXP - SAP Edition. UXP 4.x.x is out of maintenance since 2020. To get a supported version, you need to upgrade Neptune UXP 4.x.x to Neptune DXP - SAP Edition. This section explains the process of upgrading UXP 4.x.x to Neptune DXP - SAP Edition.

Download new version

To download the new version of Neptune DXP, go to the Upgrade, download, and install Neptune DXP - SAP Edition page.

Requirement to upgrade the SAP landscape

Neptune DXP - SAP Edition is working with the current SAP infrastructure. If Neptune UXP was working with your current version of the SAP system, it still works after the upgrade to Neptune DXP - SAP Edition. There is no requirement by Neptune DXP - SAP Edition for upgrading your SAP landscape.

Neptune DXP - SAP Edition is still compatible with NetWeaver Gateway 7.01 and above, to be used on top of HANA DB and S/4 HANA (until v1909).

New license key

When upgrading from Neptune UXP 4.x to Neptune DXP - SAP Edition, you need a new license key for Neptune DXP - SAP Edition. To get a new license key, email to licensing@neptune-software.com with the installation number of your SAP system.

If you already have Neptune DXP - SAP Edition 5.x or 6.x and want to upgrade to the latest version, the new license key is not required.

Stabil UI5 version

To reduce the upgrade impact, make sure all your application have a UI5 version enabled in the app settings. This also applies to launchpad and mobile clients.