System backup

Before a major version upgrade of a Neptune installation, we recommended to create a backup of your data. DXP22 includes a program that allows you to backup your Neptune data before an upgrade.

How to create the backup

The versions Neptune DXP 22 and Neptune DXP 21.10.0017 include the program "/NEPTUNE/BACKUP".

The program allows you to choose or create a workbench transport request. You can also use it if you want to release a task or transport request immediately.

How does it work

The program stores the content of all /NEPTUNE/* tables inside a transport request, with the exception of a few tables (see below).

After that transport request is released, the content of the tables is stored by the transport request. If there is a need to revert the upgrade, the previous content can be re-imported into the system.

If something goes wrong with the upgrade, perform the following to restore the backup:

  1. Uninstall the latest version present on the system

  2. Install the same version present on the system at the moment of the backup

  3. Re-import the transport request that was created with the backup

Excluded tables

All /NEPTUNE/* tables are included in the backup with the exception of the ones stated bellow:













Warnings for tables /NEPTUNE/MIME and /NEPTUNE/VERUXP

  • /NEPTUNE/MIME: NAM - MIME Objects: The table stores media packs (images, icons, splash screens), Android APK files (.apk), iOS IPA Files (.ipa), and Neptune Mobile build ZIP files (.zip).

  • /NEPTUNE/VERUXP: NAD - Application Versions: The table stores application versions.

Due to the large memory size these tables may occupy, we advise to first check their size before including them in the backup. If the table size is too large when releasing the transport request, the system may run out of memory and cause a system crash. In these cases, we advise to perform a manual backup for Mobile clients, Media packs, and App Versions.