Configure general settings of a Default tile

In this topic, you learn how to add and configure a tile with the type Default.


  • There are no prerequisites.


  1. In the Cockpit, go to Administration and click Tile.

    Result: The table of existing tiles open.

  2. Click Add.

    Result: The Create Tile dialog opens.

  3. Enter a title for your tile.

  4. Click Create Tile.

    Result: The tile is created and the settings of the tile open in the Settings tab.

  5. Select Default as a Type for your tile.

  6. In the Information section, you provide general information about your tile. The information given here are displayed on the tile on the launchpad.

  7. In the Tile in menus section, you can set an alternative title of your tile that is shown in menus. You can also hide the tile in menus.

  8. In the Visibility section, you can decide whether your tile should not be displayed on a certain device.

  9. In the Hide Launchpad Header section, you can decide whether the launchpad header should not be displayed on a certain device.

  10. Click Save.


  • You have added and configured a Default tile.