Tile Navigation


Semantic Object

Used for setting up deep link navigation


Used for hash navigation and can take the values display, edit and offline

Setting a Navigation

  1. Adding Navigation Field Values:

    • To begin, you need to add the necessary navigation field values. These values are used to define the semantic object and action that will be used for deep linking within your Launchpad.

  2. Concatenating Semantic Object and Action:

    • To initiate deep linking and directly open your app, you must concatenate the semantic object and action to your Launchpad URL using hash navigation. This combined URL will serve as the link to open your app seamlessly.

  3. Utilizing the attachOnNavigation Event:

    • Within your app, you can leverage the attachOnNavigation event, accessible through the JS Helper. To access it, simply right-click in the editor, navigate to SAPUI5, and choose Events. This event allows you to perform specific actions when navigation occurs.

  4. Passing Information and Invoking Specific Behavior:

    • To trigger specific behavior or open particular data objects within your app, you need to include relevant information in your deep-linked Launchpad URL. Parameters can be passed as a JSON object, appended after the semantic object and action using the '&' token. It is important to URL encode the JSON object for proper transmission.