Debug Abap

Debugging the JavaScript frontend is an important skill to master, but it is equally import to master backend ABAP debugging!

Learn here how you can set external breakpoints and pause server side code execution.

Identify ABAP Class

Open the mobile application you want to debug in the Neptune App Designer. Go to application settings. Find and copy the class name.


Remote Breakpoint

In your SAP backend, open transaction SE24, paste in the class name and open the class. Now locate the method you want to debug. As a rule the AJAX ID used in the Neptune Application should match a corresponding ABAP method on your class. But it is not always so.

If you don’t know what’s going on, start your debugging in the HANDLE_ON_AJAX method. In this example the HANDLE_ON_AJAX method is implemented in a super class and the method is called dynamically based on the AJAX_ID.

Set a remote breakpoint:


Debug ABAP

Run your application in the frontend and wait for the remote breakpoint to kick in. Voila, remote debugging a Neptune application in ABAP.